The most expensive stamps in the world

Some readers may think that stamp collecting — stamp collecting — boring and uninteresting occupation. In fact, it can bring huge profits, of course, if you have a collection of rare and valuable copies. For the most part, the most expensive brands of the world is a brand that have any bugs in radicado. An example would be the history of stamps «the Blue Mauritius» and «Red Mauritius.»

«The blue Mauritius» and «Red Mauritius»


Distant autumn of 1847, the Governor of the island of Mauritius, owned at that time, France has ordered special stamps. They were meant to be invitations for the annual ball. Engraver, who was instructed to prepare plates, I forgot what the inscription is necessary for them to do except the name of the island. To make a mistake he helped the post office. Engraver passed by and saw the inscription: «the Postal service». So he wrote on a printing plate. Although the inscription was supposed to read «Postage paid».

When the error was noticed before the ball had very little time to redo the clichés have not had time. The Governor gave the order to print several hundred of «false» instances and replace plates on the fixed. Small circulation and remoteness from Mauritius Europe had a positive impact on the final cost of these «defective» models.

A valuable object of «hunting» philatelists are two stamps in blue and red. They pasted on the envelope and letter are in the collection of a Japanese collector. Estimated the envelope of almost € 4 million.

Yellow Treskilling

Yellow treskilling

In Sweden in 1855 to print the stamps with a nominal value of 3 Skilling used yellow paint. Once an error has happened and a few stamps were printed with blue paint, which was used in printing stamps worth 8 scilingo. The mistake is noticed immediately, after the «wrong» brand was sold. Today, only one known instance of this brand. It was purchased by an anonymous bidder at auction in 2010 for $ 2.3 million. Although auction organizers hoped to gain for him twice.

The «Inverted Jenny»

Inverted Jenny

So collectors called the American stamp where the plane Curtiss JN-4 pictured upside down. Those who printed a copy, of course, punished, but it is due to their mistakes, the brand has become so valuable. Today it costs almost $ 1 million.

The «Holy Grail»

Holy Grail

The most expensive brand in the world is the so-called «Holy Grail», with a picture of President Franklin. It exists in two copies. One of them is kept in the Public library of new York, and the second is in the collection of a private person. The cost can only be determined approximately, because it was not bought, and bartering. The owner traded it for four «Inverted Jenny.» Experts assessed the exchange in an amount equal to $ 2.97 million.

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