The most expensive sport in the world

Professional sports – not a cheap pleasure. And while some sports only high-quality clothes and shoes of famous brands, to sports equipment will cost several hundred thousand dollars. The most expensive sport requires significant capital investment and without the help of the state and private sponsors do not.

The most expensive sport


This sport is firmly in place in the top ten most expensive largely because of its prize funds of tens of thousands of dollars. But before coming my victory in the tournament, will have to pay a lot of money on equipment.

Professional tennis racquets are over $ 1,000, and that’s just for beginners. In addition, the tennis court, too, will result in a tidy sum. And you will need to pay for the help of a coach, the higher the professional qualities of the mentor, the more costly his services.


For trips to major international tournaments will also need money, because without constant participation in such competitions, it is impossible to count on victory to advance your career. Before the athlete will draw attention to the quality of their games will be more than one year, and therefore the costs will be enormous.

But if you enter into the elite of world tennis, the fees can be extraordinary. It is among the tennis players are wealthiest athletes. However, to reach such heights will be able to not every.

Flight training

The most expensive sport that is not available to mere mortals – air sports. There are 9 varieties of aircraft on which athletes compete. And here the major part of Finance to spend on expensive aircraft and a staff of mechanics that serve them. Because of the technical condition of the aircraft depends not only on the success and victory of the athlete, but about his life.

Aerial sports

The engineers of the aircraft industry every year more and more are improving such devices, they are fitted with modern equipment, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. To participate in international competitions will need to undergo technical examination of the aircraft, and if any part or device will not meet the accepted standards, the athlete simply will not allow for competition.

Plane for competition


In order to become a skier need not only good physical training but expensive equipment. And if for endurance and strong muscles need to the gym, and freestyle skiing and trampoline, equipment for a young athlete training on the slopes implies the availability of high-quality skis, special boots and ski suit.


But this is not the most expensive – the descent from the mountain cannot be done without a lift, and the ski pass is very expensive. Athletes who are engaged in acrobatic freestyle, also need in a special pool, where the first train jumping water pillow. The cost of renting a pool is also rather big.


In order to gain the optimal in shape, will often have to travel to international competitions, and they are not available to everyone. In Western countries, for example, each talented skier got a sponsor who takes the bill, and in return receives free publicity for his company.


Among water’s most expensive sport – sailing. To buy a good yacht, you will have to spend a huge amount. This is because in the production of such courts use special alloys used in the construction of spacecraft. The creation of a special sports yacht requires a clear and painstaking calculation, because a properly designed ship can negate all the efforts of the athlete.


Each member of the yacht club pays dues in order to be able to enjoy the water and put your boat into a closed box. For participation in regattas will need a special transport, which will deliver the yacht to the place of destination undamaged. As competitions are held worldwide, this expenditure is also quite significant.

Horse riding

In this sport, success depends not only on the professional qualities of the athlete, but also his four-legged friend. For participation and victories at tournaments easy the horse is not suitable. Here we need a thoroughbred horse with an excellent pedigree. This fact puts the sport on a par with the most expensive.


A good horse can cost more than the modern supercar. In 1983, the auction was sold to a horse over 40 000 000 million dollars. In addition, the horse’s need for adequate nutrition and care, and if we add the cost of renting the arena and stables, the amount obtained and impossibly.

Horse riding

To prepare the horse for competition is a whole team: trainer, veterinarian, employees of the stables. To keep this workforce will need a lot of money.

Formula 1

The most expensive sport in the world ranking is led by Formula 1 racing. To create superfast cars, billions of dollars are spent. And maintenance of these luxury cars costing quite expensive, because the speed is not forgiving and at stake are the lives of athletes. Therefore, every detail of such a vehicle passes a lot of tests and only after that can be used in the car.

Formula 1

Construction and maintenance of race tracks also require a substantial financial commitment. But despite these huge sums which are spent in this sport, he is one of the most popular in the world.

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