The most expensive Russian coins

Russia is rich in its history. This suggests that a lot of things that fell into our hands with the last centuries cost a lot of money. Coins are no exception, the museums, however, as collectors are willing to pay a tidy sum for the rare items. What are the most expensive Russian coins and how to evaluate them? These issues people who are interested in numismatics. Coin with the imprint of a bygone era and culture is considered a rare material, which tells about the life of our ancestors.

The leader of the cost was 20 ruble coin, released in 1755

20 roubles of 1755

New coinage began in 1755, and the first trial coin, for the manufacture of which used gold. It depicts the Empress of the Romanov dynasty Elizabeth, so it is better known as «Elizavetin gold». On the obverse a depiction of the bust of Elizabeth, and on the back of Russia’s coat of arms surrounded by four arms.

Only aware of the existence of two such gold, one is in the Hermitage. The owner of the second has become one of the collectors, in 2008 the London auction. First, «Elizavetin gold» was seen of Prince Romanov, but it was sold in 1950. At the time the coin was paid 140 pounds. Today, it can be put up for sale for 1.55 million pounds.

1 rouble 1730

1 rouble 1730 rock

In 1730 the reign of Russia has passed to Empress Anna Ioannovna, at the same time began the production of new silver coins. In people, rare coin called «Anna with a chain». On the obverse you can see the Empress, but on the reverse side of the coin is the Imperial coat of arms. Until today, was aware of three such rare items. Such a coin at auction, which was conducted in 2007, paid 700 thousand dollars.

50 cents 1929

50 cents 1929

In 1928 began minting copper-Nickel coins. They were minted surreptitiously, so people don’t have time to hide the existing silversmiths. So, in 1931 in everyday life appeared first coins. They were produced in three denominations – 20, 15 and 10 cents, the other issue was not expected. Despite this, the mint of Leningrad eventually found tools that allowed you to mint 50-penny coins, though the coins themselves were not found. The only rare coin surfaced in 2011 at the auction «Znak». Then it was estimated at 10 million rubles.

4 cost 12 rubles in 1836

12 rubles in 1836

The minting of platinum coins was involved in one single country, and, of course, is Russia. 12 ruble coins 1836 edition limited quantity, all other instances were minted in the 19th century and only on request. Every year the cost of the original coins is growing. Take, for example, 12 ruble coin of 1936, in 2010 it was sold at auction for 3 million rubles, and in 2011 the price rose to 4.65 million rubles.

And, finally, completes the top five 5 ruble coin of 1907

5 rubles of 1907

In 1907 in Saint-Petersburg built the Church of St. Olga. It was built in honor of the daughter of the Emperor Nicholas II. This date coincided with the 100th anniversary of the battle of Friedland. For this reason, the Foundation of the temple laid 100 gold coins 5 rubles. A distinctive feature of these coins is the date, because in 1907 didn’t coin 5 ruble gold coins. 9 instances that remained after mintage, distributed to some participants of the ceremony. Gradually these coins began to appear at auctions. For example, in 2010 the owner of such coins earned for 5 rubles 4.35 million rubles.

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