The most expensive restaurants in the world

Going to places high-class visitors should be prepared that in addition to a delicious dinner they will be offered the appropriate situation. For food will have to pay a lot of money, since the products are imported from distant countries. Lighting, furniture, facilities and other details will also be admired. Let’s find out what institutions were included in the list of the most expensive restaurants in the world.


KitchoOne of the most expensive restaurants in the world

This restaurant boasts a culinary dynasty. The current chef that has a lot of awards, took over from his grandfather. There is a restaurant in Japan, Kyoto. Visitors enjoy gourmet cuisine based on local traditions and preferences. For dinner, the restaurant Kitcho is given to guests from $ 600.



To visit this restaurant will have to pay a visit to new York. Offers the Maritime kitchen. Among the dishes you can find rare delicacies. To delight visitors with unusual marine life restaurant guide buys a large number of fresh products from Japan. In addition to the main course guests will enjoy an aperitif and a lovely choice of desserts. The cost of a full dinner will cost visitors $ 600.

Plaza Athènèe

Plaza Athènèe

This place is included in the list of the most expensive restaurants in the world not only as an elite place where you can taste fine food. A French restaurant will be a real discovery for lovers of the classics. Room is made in traditional style, complemented by significant details. That only is a huge chandelier that provides great lighting. Enjoy an unforgettable evening in Paris, and give it will have about $ 550. for a single guest.

Maison Pic

House Peak

Another French restaurant, which bills itself as a place that serves the best traditional dishes. However, the menu is constantly changing. It adds interesting dishes that provide a stream of new guests. The facility is located in Valencia, and to pay for the dinner will have about 430$. For those who want to learn the flavor and taste of France should definitely visit this restaurant.

Michel Bras Toya

Michel Bras Toya

The restaurant is located in Japan and offers its guests delicious meals and a wonderful atmosphere. Its visitors will appreciate an unforgettable landscape, where you can watch while eating. The window overlooks the volcanic lake Toya. The dishes are interesting because they combine Japanese craftsmanship and French recipes. Wine lovers will be able to choose from 500 are varieties of the drink. For tasty meals will have to pay about 410 USD. for one person.

Hôtel de Ville

Town hall

This place has earned the title of most expensive restaurant in the world at the expense of luxury products and delicious dishes. Serves only food made from fresh fish and meat. Since the restaurant is located in Switzerland, the exquisite cheese, delivered from local farms, waiting for the fans of this dairy product. Another feature of the club is changing dishes, which happens every season. As a result, in this restaurant you always want to return. To visit it should make around 370 dollars. based on one guest.

Schloss Schauenstein

Castle Stone Look

For those who want to visit the middle ages be sure to visit a Swiss restaurant. It is in this castle, which was built in the 18th century. In addition to the unusual situation inside, there is something to admire from the window of the establishment. And it overlooks the valley of the Alps. The quality of food the chef serves simple but very tasty dishes. One visitor will pay for the dinner order of $ 335.

The restaurant business has always been one of the most profitable. However, to ask such a price for food, you should surprise your guests with not only delicious food, but also unusual details.

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