The most expensive restaurant in Moscow,

The capital’s residents are accustomed to high standards and prefer quality in everything, even at a higher price. It is these who are accustomed to luxury gourmet daily encounter the most expensive restaurants of Moscow. In them you can find the original author’s cuisine, various delicacies, a variety of delicious dishes and expensive drinks, aesthetically decorated table, beautiful serving dishes, high quality service – you name it. Of course, good restaurants in the capital very much, it is quite difficult to choose the best restaurant of Moscow, however, to highlight the most worthy of this title.

The «barbarians»

Despite the name, the place has nothing to do with the barbaric attitude towards visitors, but, on the contrary, it can be safely awarded the title of «the most expensive restaurant in Moscow,». The restaurant boasts a true genius of the culinary arts, chef Anatoly Commit, thanks to which visitors can enjoy classical and old Russian cuisine.

A cozy and relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant is supported by classical music, performed by musicians on the harp. To get to the most expensive restaurant in Moscow, prices that match those titles, you have to reserve in advance. And all because it is very popular. By the way, in 2011 the «barbarians» hit the TOP of the best such institutions in the world.

The Restaurant «Turandot»

The Restaurant

One of dorogimi Moscow restaurant «Turandot» is just a few steps from Tverskaya metro station.

The design of the future Moscow pearl was six years, and it shows, despite the refined interior and the internal situation. Fireplace, pleases guests of the restaurant, completely mimic the Versailles fireplace Louis XVI, the interior is the set of Antiques from China, crockery from plant Bausher.

In the restaurant, in addition to the eleven halls, there is still a courtyard and terraces, every room is amazing splendor. «Turandot» is more like a Royal Palace than a modern room. Being in the restaurant, clearly understand that six years of labor is not in vain.

Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale

The restaurant, located on the Boulevard ring, built in the Italian style and more like an ancient Palace. Its creation was inspired by the owners of the Venetian Doge’s Palace, which adorns the Piazza San Marco. The whole atmosphere and the interior of the Palazzo makes the visitor forget where he really is. But it helps that singing the Italian tenor in Roberton. The walls of the main hall is decorated with plenty of mirrors, inlaid with gold stained-glass Windows, and also images of Venice.

Palazzo Ducale

In terms of gastronomy «Palazzo Ducale» it can also please visitors. Each new season, the chef offers a new, always chic Italian cuisine, this chanterelles, truffles, seafood. But there are dishes that are always hits of the restaurant: pasta is a «Billionaire» wild fish «Acqua pazza» and other culinary masterpieces. But the restaurant is not limited in the choice of dishes and can order any that are not stated on the menu treats. This approach to restaurant to its visitors. To get your dish you only need to share your recipe with chef. By the way, Palazzo and great desserts, you can eat ice cream, cakes, pastries, cookies and sweets with all-natural composition without the use of any harmful additives.

«Sophia» — restaurant-Museum

One of the most interesting restaurants in the capital, who concurrently is the oldest, as it operates since 1826. At the end of the last century, the restaurant was restored, and fully restored interior. Every detail of the interior can be called a work of art, which is a magnificent fountain, and a giant chandelier in the centre is amazing.

«Sophia» is known not only as a luxurious restaurant, here, at the time loved to eat out Pushkin, Chekhov, Rasputin and Chaliapin and other famous personalities. The restaurant is proud of its visitors.

Now in the original the kitchen restaurant mixed ancient national traditions of cooking and modern innovations, all as exquisite and refined.

Its visitors the restaurant «Sofia» pleasing theatrical show of a world scale «Faberge», which, incidentally, is highly regarded theater critics. Still, such a huge production with amazing special effects, gorgeous costumes and gorgeous arrangements. Any visitor will be satisfied!

Cristal Room Baccarat

Cristal Room Baccarat

Young in comparison with the previous reviewer the restaurant is located on Nikolskaya street. Its opening had in 2008, and it took place in an old mansion. The school is proud of its unusual crystal chandelier, made especially for the «Cristal Room Baccarat» by the hands of famous designers. The light reflecting from the chandelier, fancy plays that the restaurant resembles a Palace from a fairy tale. That is why this place attracts so many romantics throughout the capital.

Cristal Room Baccarat

The restaurant’s dishes are traditional French cuisine. Hands of chef Michel Lentz create such culinary masterpieces as: — Burgundy snails, lobster and turbot cooked over charcoal, chocolate sphere and other equally impressive dishes. By the way, the food in this establishment serves only healthy for the body!


One of the most expensive Moscow restaurants you can find on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The casino offers to evaluate dishes from fish and seafood is really expensive, but insanely delicious. This restaurant is not yet five years old, but during this time he managed to earn the reputation of being one of the best in the capital city.

Here is a wide selection of fish dishes to suit the most fastidious taste: the soup Bribes in different variations, and Sybase fillets from the Atlantic waters. Chef Denis Chistyakov always pleases visitors a variety of cuisine. By the way, as in the previous institutions, «Peshi» use only quality and fresh products without preservatives and dyes. In addition to the menu offered by the restaurant, anyone can buy fresh fish or seafood, which are immediately in the aquarium.

Aquarium restaurant «Peshi» is updated daily. Any visitor to observe the inhabitants of the underwater world, imported from around the world. Huge lobster, squid, and lobster, crab from Kamchatka and many other amazing representatives of the underwater fraternity. So, it is worth to visit such an interesting establishment once in my life, even though it will cost a tidy sum.

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