The most expensive resorts in the world

Today, people around the world can choose the place according to your taste and financial possibilities. For those seeking luxury offers luxury resorts, stay in which costs a lot of money. So what are the most expensive resorts in the world, and what features they characterized?

Necker Island

Necker Island

The leader among the most expensive, of course, is Necker Island located in the virgin Islands (UK). This resort impresses with its specific nature and diversity of the underwater world. The owner of the island is Richard Branson who equipped an island for your personal holiday. However, when he and his family there not resting island for rent. There are 6 villas which can accommodate up to 28 guests. Apartments are decorated in Indonesian style. On the island accommodate a helipad, five beaches, an outdoor pool, SPA, garden, tennis courts. One night stay here will cost not less than $ 30,000.

Musha Cay

K. Musya

In second place – a resort located in the Bahamas. He, too, is private, at the same time we could bring 24 guests. White beaches, clear water of the ocean and five villas is the hallmark of this resort, overnight stay in which cost is not less than 28,000 dollars. Each Villa has a terrace of mahogany, and private access to the beach.

Dall House

Dall Adobes

The Scottish resort has sandy beaches and sea, but everything here can be called environmentally friendly, and lakes and rivers are particularly transparent. Come here lovers of a leisurely vacation. To get to this place is restricted to members of a special club, and for this you should make a contribution to 204000000 dollars. The cost of one night’s accommodation here ranges from 12000 to 20000 dollars.

Casa Contenta

Adobes Happy

In fourth place – a stunning mansion, which is located in Miami, on the island of palm. One night stay in a luxury Villa that has a pool with a waterfall, will cost from 11000 to 17500 dollars.

Rania Experience

The Rania Experience

Fifth place is the hotel-an island located in the Indian ocean. Resort guests waiting for services, the unique nature and comfortable apartments right on the beach there are four villas. The cost of staying here per night is over $ 10,000 and includes a yacht cruise.

Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane

Sixth place is this luxury resort located on the island of Barbados and serves as a place for frequent travelers Hollywood stars and Arab sheiks. This hotel is recognized as the most expensive place in the Caribbean. Day stay cost about $ 10,000.

Altamer Resort

The Altamer Resort

In seventh place was this resort is located in the Anguilla (Caribbean). For guests there are three villas, each of which represents a unique architectural masterpiece. It can accommodate even a whole group of friends because here are a few bedrooms and a separate bathroom. Over night stay here you need to pay an amount of 5700 dollars.

Fregate Island Private

The Island Of Fregate Private

Eighth place is a resort in the Seychelles. For guests there are also 16 villas that can accommodate up to 40 people. This is the place for those who love a quiet stay. 14 villas located on a hill overlooking the ocean. And on the shore there are two villas here, like the rest of the family with children. One night stay at the resort costs $ 2,700.

Turtle Island

Turtle Island

Ninth place is this unusual area in Fiji. «Turtle island» is owned by Richard Evanson, who decided to move here in search of a quiet and peaceful life. Here is the Blue lagoon, which opens a wonderful underwater world with all its inhabitants. Directly on the beach villas, which roofs were made of straw. Per night stay here will need to pay no less than $ 2,400.

Cayo Espanto


And for only 1400 dollars a day you can relax in a luxury hotel with six villas, which is located in Belize (Central America). The resort occupies a whole island in the Western Caribbean. This place is ideal for those who love quiet surroundings, the turquoise sea and sandy beaches.

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