The most expensive phone in the world

For many mobile phones is a usual means to communicate with family and friends through telephone calls and sending SMS. Someone for these purposes is acquiring low-cost model with the required functionality. But some people need not only «fashionable», but are quite expensive phones. So what is the most expensive phone in the world, the cost and main characteristics? Let’s face it.

1 iPhone 5 BlackDiamond

iPhone 5 black diamond

Making it the most expensive phone in the world, which, of course, you can begin rating, took nine weeks. The device has a display with sapphire glass and home button is made of large 24-carat black diamond. This phone is decorated with six hundred diamonds, and to represent the company brand was applied to 53 such a precious stone. Case for this phone, not even need, and if you have serial IPhone, case for it can be bought on the WhiteBox website Price luxury mobile devices is truly staggering – it is estimated at $ 15300000.

2 iPhone4 Diamond RoseEdition

iPhone 4 diamond rose edition

The second position among the most expensive phones in the world designated device from Apple, which was created by the famous jeweler Stuart Hughes. Most in the device attracts the attention of the Central button is made of platinum and diamonds of considerable size. Way to decorate the body of the phone was spent five hundred gems. The back cover master produced of pink gold. Included with the device is a box made of granite, which by weight is seven pounds. The cost of the device, which is made in two copies (one already purchased by Austrian businessman) is 8000000 dollars.

3 iPhone3GS Supreme

Verhovni iPhone 3GS

This is the most expensive phone in the world, also created by Stuart Hughes-to-order businessman is decorated with 136 diamond stones. The main button of the device is crowned with a diamond 7 carat. Not less valuable than the processing of the phone is the box, which is decorated with natural leather and decorated with gold. For this «toy» businessman had to pay $ 3200000.

4 iPhone3G KingsButton

buttons iPhone 3G and kings

This device is considered the most expensive in 2009. has a truly «Royal» home button that is embellished with diamonds, diamond and gold three colors. The device, created by job designer from Australia Peter Aloisson, is estimated at $ 2500000.

5 GoldVish LeMillion

Features: Goldvish LeMillion

The brainchild of Swiss designer truly can be called the aristocratic model of the phone, whose price is $ 1300000. This device was made in three colors – white, pink and yellow (18K gold). To give the product a luxury, luster and elegance, used gems and even crocodile skin.

6 Diamond CryptoSmartphone

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone

This device from Russian developers are not only pleasing to the eye a magnificent finish with gold and precious stones, and is perfectly able to protect the data stored inside the phone. On the sides of the phone has an ebony insert and the housing is made of durable platinum. This phone model can be bought for $ 1300000.

7 LuxorLasVegas Gresso Jackpot

Company Gresso Jackpot LuxorLasVegas

This device is manufactured only in three instances, estimated at 1000000 dollars. Pure gold was used to create the enclosure, and its decoration are the rare black diamond jewelry. Material for the back cover was a black African bicentennial tree. Keys are sapphire crystals, and alphanumeric images on them marked with a laser.

8 Vertu SignatureCobra

Vertu Signature Cobra

This device can rightly be called a work of art. It is created solely by manual work. For the manufacture of different models of this phone were used platinum and gold of three colors (yellow, white, pink). A lot of precious stones «scattered» in the body of the device, creating a high the price on it. Is a device that has all the necessary features (except camera), $ 310000.

9 Sony EricssonBlack Diamond

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

This device, in five copies, when compared to luxury devices, presented above, is very simple. However, it distinguishes the effect of infinite screen and OLED technology. In addition, the rear of the device is enhanced with diamond stones that makes it quite not cheap – the phone is 300000 dollars.

10 iPhone PrincessPlus

the iPhone Princess plus

This is the «brainchild» of Australian Peter Aloisson covered with white gold and decorated with a 318-th diamond stones. Is this phone 176000 USD. For those who dream about such a device, even developed a simplified and less expensive option with the 138-th diamonds.

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