The most expensive laptop in the world

Laptops – mobile PC, the main function of which is the possibility of applying anywhere because of the fact that they come with a battery. Of course, earlier they were very expensive, but the sale is long gone at the mass level. Although a simple laptop can be purchased now, the cost will be about $ 300. However, there are options that can be called without a doubt a luxury item. The most expensive laptop in the world – is what we will discuss in this article. There are a few contenders for this title.

MJ Laptop Brilliant Limited Edition


An interesting model developed by MJ. Created this laptop a few years ago – and it costs a huge amount of money 3 500 000$. Why such a high price?

In the design of the laptop applied gold, platinum, rare black and white diamonds. In addition, included is a mouse, flash drive and bag.

It should be noted that the company is working on the design of the gadgets under the order. If you have enough money at any time to order the alteration of the tablet using precious metals as well as leather or fur, you can choose from ready-made model.

Luvaglio London


This gadget costs less – a million dollars, that does not make it any less luxurious. It is a beautiful device, and decked with gold and precious stones. In the original model case of precious wood, while the buyer can order something else.

Externally, this model is even a little similar to a laptop. Rather, it resembles something like a piano with a case included. On the keyboard gold plating, but instead the inclusion is a big and beautiful diamond.

On the device settings established in 2007, information not so much – 17-inch screen with self-cleaning function, 128 GB hard drive and a Blu-Ray drive.

Tulip E-Go Diamond


It is rather an accessory than a gadget – a special development for wealthy business lady. The laptop has a very unusual shape – it looks like a purse with a hole for the handle. Case under the order can be finished with one of the materials to choose from – gold, moss, crocodile skin. The most expensive version, which costs 350 thousand dollars, decorated with diamonds, palladium and rubies. Diamonds all over body – there are they even close to the screen. The company’s logo – Tulip – lined with rubies. It is known that this is the most expensive laptop in the world in the form of handbags equipped with a processor AMD Turion 64 MT and 100 GB hard drive, and also has a 12.1-inch display.

Ego for Bentley


Exclusive car from Bentley is a very interesting gadget cost $ 20,000, which may be of interest to many customers. There were 250 such models. For a basis took the laptop mentioned above, only the finishing is done the other – it uses gold and leather. You can select the material of a certain color – it with the special stitching used Bentley for finishing the salons of their cars. On the laptop, placed a large company logo, the handle is also made in the corporate style.

The device was released back in 2008, and the new is not buy – they all found their owners.

Aorus X5


Of course, all the above laptops are so expensive not because of their performance. Moreover, many of them mediocre. If you like to play, then the most expensive laptop in the world that can be recommended is the Aorus X5. Development subsidiary of Gigabyte, this device will be in the maximum configuration cost us $ 2800. Two discrete top-end graphics cards, 32GB of RAM, the new processor Intel Core i7-5557U – although the laptop and not encrusted with diamonds, stylish and efficient, he will give odds to many.

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