The most expensive flowers in the world

Nature has created the flowers, to please and give happiness to all people. That is why luxury bouquet is always a welcome gift for any festive occasion. In addition, many people love to grow these plants at home or in their suburban areas. And if the many varieties of flowers are affordable, there are instances that cannot be assessed, or their cost can handle» hundreds of thousands of dollars. What plants are the most expensive flowers in the world?

1 Kadupul


A plant, called also the «Queen of the night», can only boast of Sri Lanka. Magical beauty of cactus plants and many legends associated with it make it unique and priceless. The plant blooms only at night, and his life expectancy is only a few hours. It is impossible to say how much cost this flower for someone who would want to buy it. But since by kadupul, unfortunately, can not be safely attributed it to the most expensive flowers in the world.

2 Middlemist red

Middlemist Chervony

In the sale it is impossible to find this plant, as in nature, there are only two instances (in the British Royal in the new Zealand greenhouse and private garden). Therefore, the cost of it not installed. Unique beauty of red middlemist fascinating and surprising.

3 Orchid «Shenzhen Nongke»


This is one of the most expensive flowers in the world is estimated at $ 200,000. Brought this beautiful grade breeders from China, for which they took seven years of work. In addition to its extraordinary beauty the Orchid has a very pleasant aroma. Before flowering this plant may take 5 years.

4 Orchid «Gold Kinabalu»


Among the most expensive flowers in the world can identify a variety of orchids, contemplation is only possible in Malaysia (Park Kinabalu). For growing this Orchid need a lot of effort – growth she served from March to may, and it bloomed may take quite a few years. Buy one can for 5000-6000 dollars.

5 Medinilla


This exotic flower, known among the gardeners. When medinilla bloom, makes you admire the extraordinary beauty down gracefully drooping blossoms, which surprise look pink floral leaves, which scattered small flowers pink. Growing medinilla in the Asian humid forests, the tropics of Africa, in the Philippines. The cost of one such lovely plants is approximately 75-150 dollars.

6 Rose «Sweet Juliet»


To bring beautiful roses with a small Bud, Englishman David Austin had to work about fifteen years and put on it is about $ 15800000. A beautiful bouquet consisting of the most expensive flowers in the world, you can buy for about $ 150 (on average, one such delicate rosette has a value of $ 25).

7 Rose «Eden Rose»


This variety refers to the trailing Kustov. Cream-colored roses, which have heavy buds, all around the world not only the most expensive, but also beautiful. They received first the name «Pierre de Ronsard named the French poet, who, however, had no General popularity. But because they were invented by another name – «Eden rose», which means «heavenly rose». For those wishing to buy one such flower to put about 20-25 dollars.

8 Tulip «King night»


The difference in this flower a rich and noble purple-black hue. Despite the fact that the flower belongs to the most expensive, over-his popularity came at a time of «Tulip fever», which has long gone into the past. Today, buy a flower for the price of 15-20 dollars.

9 Rainbow rose

Rainbow rose

Created by rose according to the latest technology developed by Dutchman Peter van de Vercana. This variety has an amazing bright shades thanks to the introduction of a plant stalk artificial colors. Therefore, in order to grow exceptionally beautiful flowers, have a kind of art in which it is necessary to own skills of mixing paints. Buy this beautiful rose for the price of 10-15 dollars.

10 Gloriosa


The plant is grown in the territories of Asia and South America. It is different long leaves, brittle stems and large size red-yellow or yellow-green flowers. In length Gloriosa can grow up to three meters, so you can grow it at home quite difficult. If we consider this plant compared to other specimens of the vegetable world, it stands out for its exoticism. Buy one flower can be about $ 10.

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