The most expensive coins of the world

When man learned to mint coins, not it was necessary to pay for goods and products with stone circles and other devices that replace money. However, could the people who lived in the era of the emergence of coins, imagine how valuable this money will be in our time. Introducing the most expensive coins of the world, the cost of which exceeds $ 4000000.

First place – Double eagle

Double eagle 1933

If you are trying to learn which coins are the most expensive, the top five expensive coins begins this gold us banknote issued in 1933. Despite the fact that this coin appeared not very long ago, and the value of its only 20 dollars, it is really unique. The most expensive coin in the world, price is 7900000 dollars, has its own history. Released the coin was in the amount of 10 pieces which were immediately stolen. However, 9 of coins could be quickly found, and one 20-dollar coin disappeared without a trace. And after 50 years it has been in the collection of the British collector who bought it in London. Because he had this coin, he pleaded with the American government. The court decided that the coin is the property of the country, but the owner may sell it to get the big reward.

The second place is the Dollar Flowing hair

The Flowing hair dollar 1794

If we consider further the most expensive coins in the world in descending order of value, the second in the list is this one dollar silver coin, minted in 1794. In the United States and worldwide, this coin is recognized as the most valuable – the last time sold it for $ 7850000.

Third place – Florin of Edward III

The 1343 Edward III Florin

Located in the middle of the ranking of the most valuable and expensive coin is recognized as one of the oldest. In handling such florins of gold was at 1343 1344. This coin is known as the «Double Leopard», the value at par of which is six shillings. One of three florins Edward 1343g. sold for a fabulous sum – $ 6800000.

The oldest coin in the world – statir

By the way, the oldest coin in the world is stata. This coin was found on the territory of modern Palestine, but «go» they are on the territory of modern Turkey. One of the found specimens made of silver and gold, according to scientists, released about 3200 years ago.

Fourth place – Nickels, Liberty Head V

The Liberty Head V nickels 1883 roku

Such coins were minted in 1913. One of the five surviving five-cent coin has sold at auction for $ 4150000. 5-cent coins with the image of the head of the statue of Liberty in the appeal «go» from 1883 to 1912 And 1913. it began to depict the heads of the Indians. Five 5-cent coins were minted almost illegally, so that they become objects of the desires of the collectors, the cost of which is very high.

Fifth place was a Small silver dollar

A small silver dollar 1834

Completes our list of the most expensive coins of the world the us dollar is made of silver, which were minted in 1834 of Such coins today can count no more than 8. However, not only this unique the coin – released it as the anniversary of the king of Siam, who was a true numismatist. Last time it was sold to well-known collector for $ 4140000. The same numismatist and bought the rest of the collection, previously owned by the king.

Everything there is to know about the top five most expensive coins of the world. However, many of the coins have been «stale» in the collections of numismatists, so in the near future can appear new records in value.

What valuable coins are there in Russia?

50 cents 2001

In the most expensive modern coins include the coins of the Russian who «go» in the address. Pretty hard to tell the cost of the 50-penny coin issued in 2001, however, to gain for you a few hundred thousand. Some collectors are willing to pay for it was 500000 RUB. There are two coins of this year, the price of which may be also a few hundred thousand is a 1 — and 2 — ruble coins.

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