The most expensive coins of Imperial Russia

Today you can buy for 1 ruble? Practically nothing, not to mention the 1 penny. And there were times when for that money you can buy not only food, but clothes. Pennies and rubles, released many years ago and today can cost a fortune. The most expensive coins sold at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars and are coveted specimens in the collection of any numismatist.

The most expensive coins of Imperial Russia

1 kopeck 1726

We’ve learned that penny coins of round shape. But in 1726 was issued a coin in the shape of a square, its value at auction about 2 000 000 rubles. However, it is difficult to call this shape a square in those days had not yet learned how to create crisp geometric shapes. It is made of copper and has jagged edges.

The first ideas for the minting of coins of this unusual form came to Peter I. Before all the money was made of silver and had real value. But in connection with a Grand reformist ideas of the ruler, the Treasury was almost empty, and there was a need in the issuance of new money.

In those days, in the Urals were discovered rich deposits of copper that had a much lower cost than silver. By order of the Tsar, Vasily Tatishchev went to Sweden to learn from the experience of coining money of copper. The Swedish coins can be considered the prototype of the future square a penny, as they had the shape of a square.

Square penny 1726

But to realize this idea was only Catherine I, and in the summer of 1725 a decree was issued about the release of new coins from copper – plat. Square was not only penny coins and rubles, poltinas and hryvnia. Along with copper coins in square, minted and the usual round coins.

Square penny weighed 16 grams on the front side of the coin was the coat of arms of the Russian Empire double – headed eagle. On the eagle’s breast was the emblem of Moscow – Gregory victorious, defeating a dragon. The coins were minted in Ekaterinburg, so the bottom part of the penny the inscription – CATERER. But these copper coins unusual forms not caught on, and early in 1726, was adopted a decree on the cessation of minting that kind of money.

To date, there are about ten such instances of square cents as most of the coins were melted. In his pocket a penny, you can exchange it for a brand new Mercedes of the latest model.

2 kopecks 1740

This is a trial coin was the first, which depicted a royalty. Anna decided to melt all the copper pennies that was in use at that time, as the value far exceeded the real value of the metal from which they were made. There are many fake coins that flooded Russia. Dvuhkopeechnaya on the obverse of the coin was the portrait of the Queen in profile.

2 kopecks 1740

All of these coins were made of about 6 pieces, mass production did not take place because of the death of the ruler. The cost to the kopeck piece varies from 3.5 to 5.6 million rubles, and at auctions they appear very rarely. In addition, due to the high cost of these rare cents there is a big risk to purchase a fake.

2 penny with portrait of Anna Ioannovna

5 cents 1916

5-penny coin from the reign of Nicholas II is also included in the rating «the most expensive coins of Imperial Russia». The first World war caused considerable damage to the state Treasury, silver and copper for the minting of coins was not enough. The decision was made on monetary reform, which was planned to melt all the coins on the lighter.

5 cents 1916

But the revolution made their adjustments to these plans, and was released only a few test samples. The real stamps of St.-Petersburg mint was inherited by the Soviet government in 1927 was released a few of these coins for sale to coin collectors. Copper coins with denomination of 5 cents were sold at auction for an amount exceeding 1 000 000 rubles.

1 rouble 1825

«Constantine ruble» is one of the most famous coins of the Russian Empire, for which auctions give about $ 100,000. The very history of this coin is very mysterious. On the obverse of the ruble shows the profile of some of the Emperor Constantine, which in Russia never was.

The Constantine ruble

Historians suggest that the ruble was issued in honor of brother Alexander the First. This autocrat had no children and by law the next Emperor of Russia was to be his brother Konstantin. But only some close to the Royal family knew that Constantine had renounced the succession to the throne in favor of Nicholas I.

This secret document was ordered to open only after the death of Alexander Pavlovich, but knew nothing about the abdication of Nicholas and the guard managed to take the oath of allegiance to Constantine, who at that time was in Poland. He declined to personally come to St. Petersburg to confirm the validity of the document, and sent instead of himself the younger brother of Michael.

Within two weeks Russia lived in complete uncertainty, and then quickly began work on the manufacture of the first prototype with a portrait of Constantine Pavlovich. When the situation cleared, and Nicholas came to the throne, the Decembrists tried to raise a rebellion against the new ruler who, in their opinion, usurped power.

1 rouble 1825 rock

In such a difficult political environment, the Minister of Finance has decided to destroy all evidence of the release of these coins. In total there were 6 pieces and they were kept in the families of relatives of the emperors. In our time two instances of is in Russian museums, others abroad from private collectors.

5 rubles of 1907

Gold coin during the reign of Nicholas II the category of the most expensive coins of Tsarist Russia. 100 such coins laid the Foundation, built the Church of St. Olga in 1907. These coins were issued in honor of the centennial of the victory over Napoleon and a few pieces were distributed among the participants of the solemn ceremony. In our time, the cost per copy of 2.5 to 4.7 million.

5 rubles of 1907

This rating is updated periodically with new unknown coins which decorate museums and private collections of numismatists.

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