The most expensive cognac in the world

This drink was invented by the French, and the name he got the name of a city in the province of Charente — Cognac. Production of certain varieties of white grapes requires special technology, which includes dual-stage drink, and further aging in barrels made of oak. It is the time of exposure and determines the aroma and the special flavor of a cognac. The most expensive cognacs in the world are like a small house or sports car, but each of them sooner or later finds its owner, who acquires it for his collection.

The most expensive cognac

The secrets of this aromatic drink can be inherited in the modern world, these manufacturers are not so much.

Henri IV, Cognac Grande Champagne

This masterpiece of the descendants of French king Henry IV the Great, occupies the first place in the ranking of the most expensive cognacs. This drink made according to an old recipe and kept for each batch of about 100 years. The secret of making of cognac are kept confidential direct descendants of the monarch, and it costs 1 $ 875,000.

Brandy Henry The Great

The bottle itself is decorated with precious stones (6,500 pieces) and is of high carat gold. There is a lot in the world wanting to put a tidy sum for a single bottle of this drink. Arab Sheikh bought a copy of this cognac in 2009, mere mortals such purchases and did not dream.

Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac

The trading house Hennessy has produced the world’s most expensive cognac on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of one of the founders of the brand with Killian Hennessey. The price is 187 000 dollars. This limited edition was released only in 100 bottles and made on the basis of the best spirits brands, an excerpt of which from 50 to 100 years.

Cognac Hennessy

The cognac is housed in a metal box, locked with a key. As soon as the key turns in the lock, from the box up myself a bottle and 4 glasses that are on special velvet tray. Even this huge cost has not prevented instantly realize the whole party, the truth about who was the lucky owner of exclusive of the beverage is not known.

Hine 250

The history of this house began in the 18th century, it was then the British linen merchant and a great lover of this drink sent his son Thomas Haina to study in France. In Jarnac, the young man meets the daughter of a famous cognac producer and marries her. Thomas was so passionate about all the subtleties of the production of this drink and also had a fair amount of financial acumen that ultimately became the owner of the company, after the death of his father-in-law. He gave his name, and his descendants are still the owners of the brand.

Hine 250

Bottled baccarat, this cognac has been specially created for the 250th anniversary of the founding of the house and was produced in a limited edition. On each bottle there is a signature of Andre Putman, the chief designer of this company. The cost of one instance of a bottle – 1 350 000 rubles.

Remy Martin Cognac Black Pearl Louis XIII

Luxury cognac from the famous brand Remy Martin made of a mixture of more than 1,100 alcohol and aged in special Limousin oak barrels for at least 100 years. 358 copies of this expensive are the bottles of black crystal, shaped like a military canteen. It is believed that a flask in his time found the ancestors of the family Martin on the field of battle between the Huguenots and Catholics and it is still carefully preserved by their descendants.

Cognac Remy Martin

Each bottle in this series are numbered, so that ruled out the possibility of forgery. Since then, as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II tried this drink while in France on an official visit, this cognac has become a favorite – it was in 1957. One of the most luxurious restaurants of new York offers its visitors to enjoy this drink and it has many fans among celebrities of our time. It should be exclusive a little more than $ 50,000. In its aroma you can catch notes of Cuban cigars and almonds.

Hardy Perfection 140 years

One of the oldest cognacs in the world, and the age of the drink documented – 12 $ 100. Since this cognac was produced in a limited edition, will be a great success if you are lucky enough to buy it. Its taste reveals the aromas of chocolate and coffee flavor.

Cognac Hardy

Johnnie Walker: Le Voyage de Delamain

Cognac house «Dalaman» presents his version of the most expensive cognac in the world, but it is not bottled in bottles and special decanters which cost 7 $ 400. One of the richest tastes, which are interwoven with notes of white chocolate and praline and tobacco, and various spices. This cognac is considered one of the finest in the world.

Cognac Johnny Walker

Jenssen Arcana

Another most expensive cognac in Russia and around the world costs about $ 5,000 and is aged in special barrels for at least 90 years. This drink has a very rich flavor, and each bottle is sold in special packaging, each accompanied by a certificate of quality.

The Cognac Arcana

Martell Creation Cognac In Handcarved Baccarat Decanter

The bouquet of this drink combines notes of walnut and fruit and sandalwood and Eastern spices. Has a gorgeous dark Golden hue and is worth about $ 7,000.

Martel Baccarat

The most expensive skates in the world, of course, not meant for daily feasts. Them a place on the shelf among collectors of this noble drink, because after paying a huge price for one exclusive instance, I want to enjoy it for many years.

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