The most expensive bike in the world

Today, the Bicycle is becoming increasingly popular in all countries of the world. This vehicle is attractive for its environmental friendliness, manoeuvrability and smaller compared to road transport dimensions. It does not need to buy fuel, it can be placed on the Parking lot at home. It would seem that this vehicle is not too expensive. However, there are some models, which cost just through the roof, so buy them can not everyone. So what is the most expensive bike, and what price at it?

1 Butterfly TrekMadone

Metalic Trek Madone

The most expensive Bicycle in the world made Damien Hirsta that is specifically for this creation raised these butterflies. Their wings have become a real decoration of the wheels and the chassis of a race Bicycle received very beautiful and original. However, the creation of the author was not inspired lovers and defenders of nature. Created the most expensive bike in the world, a photo that shows the true charm and originality of the model, especially for famous cyclist lance Armstrong, who involved it to race the Tour de France. After the event was scheduled to sell the bike no less than a million dollars, but the auction of the original vehicle has only left over 500000 dollars. However, this cost is extremely high. The money was sent to charity. Very popular are now Inmotion R1 Segway on the bike they are very cheap, you can buy them in online store Electric Wheels.

2 Trek Yoshiomoto NaraSpeedConcept

Trek Yoshimoto Nara Speed Concept

Next comes the Bicycle, which was created jointly by the company «Trek» and Japanese artist Nara Yoshiomoto. As the main material for its production was carbon fiber. This bike has no jewels, ivory or leather. But for the most expensive bike in the world price is $ 200000 at the expense of good design and images of cartoon characters.

Trek Madone 3 byKAWS

Trek madone byKAWS

This vilamarina created for lance Armstrong (for the race Milan-San Remo). Wheel and housing, which show white teeth, adorned the Studio «KAWS». After racing this bike sold at auction for 160000 dollars.

4 Aurumania Crystal EditionGold

Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold

Velobike cost 101000 dollars was made by the Aurumania company», specializing in the production of expensive two-wheelers. Genuine leather adorns the seat and steering wheel. Wheel and the body cycle means covered with gold. Jewelry was also used Swarovski crystals, which consist of the product more than six hundred. Released the product in ten copies.

5 Trek Madone7-Diamond

Trek Madone7-Diamond

This bike was created in honor of the seventh victories of Armstrong in the Cycling race » Tour de France. Accented with a yellow diamond seven pieces. A hundred white brilliants adorn additionally the bike rack. This vehicle manufacturer was planning to sell for $ 60,000, but managed to raise a little more – $ 75000.

6 x Chrome Hearts CerveloBike

Chrome hearts x cervelo bike

On this expensive «handsome» worked together, the company «Cervelo» and «ChromeHearts». The result is they get the luxury and comfortable bike, adorned with jewels, faux crystals and the finest natural leather. This model manufacturers have released a limited number, and for each Bicycle owners had to pay 60000 dollars.

7 Tiffany&Co.Silver MoundetLady’sBicycle

Tiffany&Co.Silver Mounde tLady'sBicycle

This is a pretty old bike, as it was in 1890. (singer and actress of the early 20th century L. Russell). The vehicle handles made of ivory, as jewelry is used silver. The seat is made of genuine leather. This Bicycle was sold at auction (in 2008). for 50,000 dollars.

8 Montante Luxury GoldCollection

Collection Montante Rocks Gold

Italian bike, the cost of which is estimated at 46,000 dollars, was created for the fairer sex. The seat and handle of this two-Wheeler is made of Python skin. To decorate the frame and the casing used Swarovski crystals (more than 11000) and 24-Karat gold. In General, the model is a true work of jewelry art, fully emphasizing the fact that will belong to the lady.

9 BeruF1 Systems Factor001

BeruF1 System Factor001

Presented to riders by the British bike designed for travel on level ground and over long distances. High cost model ($40,000) due to the presence of special features for the definition of many parameters during movement. In addition, the bike weighs only seven pounds.

10 Aston MartinOne-77Superbike

Aston Martin one-77Superbike

Company «nobody astonmartin» produced only 77 units of this model, which is characterized by high adaptability and availability of modern sensors for sports. Using sensors to determine the speed of travel, ambient temperature, heart rate, etc. the Cost of this bike is 39,000$.

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