The most evil breed of dog

Dogs are one of the most favorite animals. By nature they are very different. There is an affectionate and friendly breed, but there are also quite hostile, poorly controlled. The most evil breed of dog is not only a fighter, which is specifically taken out to participate in battles. Aggressive can be a guard dog. Angry animals are found among the decorative rocks. However, the most evil breed of dog is fighting.

Signs of fighting dogs

Dogs come into the light are not immediately prepared for battle. Just there are certain breeds that are preferable to use for these purposes. However, this phrase to denote those species of animals that are used in some countries, fights with other dogs. Today these include 20 species. Have fighting dogs there are a number of common features, including a large head that does not match the size of the whole body, the massiveness of the body, terrible voice. Fight considered, for example, dogs, bulldogs, mastiffs, Terriers type bull.

The bulldogs

Aggressive breed dogs are muscular and at the same time, plastic bulldogs or Gul Dong. Still referred to as the Pakistani Mastiff. These dogs are trained very hard. To do this only by experienced handlers. The bulldogs have quite a powerful jaw and a hard head. They are particularly aggressive against other dogs. But more aggression, excess energy and mobility needs-after all, the representatives of the other breeds of Terriers.

Pit bull Terrier

By crossing was a new breed of dog — the pit bull Terriers. These animals were bred specifically with the evil character to participate in animal fights. They rocked the whole world with his behavior and has not very good reputation. The dog has a strong-willed character, she is reckless and stubborn. Requires constant monitoring. To cope with such a breed can only sobakawa with more experience. Representatives of this breed can attack people. Therefore, in the eyes of the public is the most evil breed of dog. That is why the breed is banned for breeding in many countries around the world.

Banditskie dogs

There is still brindisa dog. This breed is little known and not very rasprostranennaya. Drove her Italian and Albanian mafia by crossing cane Corso with Rottweilers and pit bull Terriers. Dogs of this breed do not have their own standard. In their conclusion, first and foremost, enshrine the qualities of rage and anger. Externally, the dogs of this breed can vary greatly from each other. The local population still uses the breed to guard. Dog and today continue to participate in the bloody battles, where they have good fighting success, allowing owners to obtain large incomes.

English Mastiff

Interest is powerful and imposing, the English Mastiff, the representative of the largest dog breeds on the planet. He has a rather attractive appearance and stubborn character. His ancestors were full of fight career. Dogs of this breed are put into a special armor and were forced to play the role of gladiators in battles with tigers, bears and lions. Except for bloody entertainment Mastiff was used for the formation of the special troops, who rushed on the enemy on the battlefield.

The most evil breed of dog, like the animal fights, in many countries of Europe and America is currently prohibited for reproduction and breeding. For example, the American pit bull Terrier, press Canario, Tosa inu, Neapolitan Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, bandog.

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