The most effective remedy for nail fungus

Fungus of the nail plate is one of the most popular and unpleasant ailments that occur in the life of any person. Strangely enough, it appeared recently. Earlier people did not suffer from a fungus, probably because the immune system was higher.

Causes and symptoms of fungal infection

Based on recent research of the famous dermatologists, it is safe to say that the fungus began to spread in connection with such public places, baths, saunas, pools and fitness clubs with shared showers. And hardly anyone thinks that resting, relaxing or doing sports, lurks around the real risk to the health!

The most effective remedy for nail fungusSymptoms of fungal infection

Unfortunately, there are real cases of infection of pathogenic fungi in public places. The first signs of the disease occur almost instantly. There are some signs of such diseases as fungus:

  • Darkening of the nail plate;
  • Loose skin around the nail;
  • Stratification of the nail when in contact with water;
  • Consistently sharp and unpleasant smell from feet.

The disease tends to spread to unaffected parts of the skin if not properly treated, or in its absence. Advanced stage of the disease can lead to bacteria enter the blood, and the disease will begin to gain momentum. In addition to symptoms, for example, on the feet, the fungus also attacks the blood of an infected person with the active development.

Treatment of nail fungus at homeTreatment of nail fungus at home

The fungus is a contagious disease and is primarily threatened loved ones of a patient with fungus. Upon contact of the affected skin area with any surface, the probability that there will be microscopic particles of contagious disease, is very high. Therefore, the detection member of the family of fungal parasites get for the home kit the most effective remedy for fungus. Also the medication must have if someone from the family visited some places of a mass congestion of people. So, here are some examples of known means from fungal diseases.


Available in the form of nail Polish. Helps with detection of early signs of disease. The price varies from 1200 to 1500 rubles, but the price is justified by efficiency. The team is ciclopirox 80 mg/g, indicating its high concentration.

Antifungal nail PolishAntifungal nail Polish

Before applying the lacquer must be completely cut off the nail from the infected area is almost nothing left. Nail Polish should not forget to apply daily without missing a single day. Then a positive result will not keep itself waiting.



Available in the form of serum. Doctors prescribe this drug as the initial stages of the disease, and in a serious defeat, but complement it with special medicines. The price varies from 500 to 600 rubles. If you use «Mikosan» recurrence is rare. It is convenient to use, since the serum is barely noticeable on the nail plate. Also according to statistics, only 1 bottle can bring the fungus from infected part of the body.



Available in the form of liquid. This drug solves the problem with the fungus drastically. Most often it is prescribed for more serious inflammation, which over time do not pass and bother you. The cost is 200 rubles. «Multivit» apply to the affected area and fixed with plaster. Before applying it is recommended infected to dip your toe in the soda-soap solution for a full disinfection and cleaning. Because the drug contains substances such as urea, propylene glycol, stearic acid, which contribute to the withering away of the affected skin and also essential oils, disinfecting the skin, this tool efficiently removes the nail plate. It should be noted that this procedure is painless and takes only 4 days.



Available in tablet form. Apply this drug with caution, as it has a very strong effect. The average cost is 20-40 rubles. Is analogous to the more expensive imported medicines. Fluconazole must be taken strictly according to instructions or as recommended by your doctor. It is not recommended to give children under 1 year and pregnant women. Also with caution and doctor’s recommendations should be taken this medicine those who have significant problems with the kidneys and liver. Doctors recommend to combine this drug with additional anti-fungal ointments, for expedited effect. Recurrence – in rare cases, most often in irregular the pill, or when they stop drinking earlier.



Available in the form of cream. One of the most popular means of combating the fungus. It costs 1700-2000 rubles. Efficiency «Lamizila» proven by many who have used this tool, despite its high cost. But it is important to use «lamisil» in combination with other drugs in the form of tablets against fungus. Recommended for complete removal of the fungus to use it regularly for 2-3 weeks. From the first time the application relieves the symptoms that cause discomfort. But it is not necessary to stop the use of this antifungal drug prior to the end of the treatment course, as it goes untreated the fungus always comes back.


Spray of nail fungusSpray of nail fungus

Comes in a spray form. Effective drug that helps in any stage of development of the fungus. Cost 200 rubles. «Lamiel» must be used with caution, as when sprayed on the affected areas of the skin irritating to them. Recommended use: spray 2 times a day for 2 weeks. The course of the drug must not be interrupted.



Available in kit form (ointment, scraper and plaster). Removes fungus of any severity. The cost is 1000 rubles, if necessary, the ointment can be purchased separately. «Mikospor» has 3 stages of application: decoupling and removing the top layer of the nail by means of a scraper, then use the ointment is applied a band-aid. Such a three-phase drug has the ability to completely destroy onychomycosis no matter how serious it is widespread the skin.



Sold in the liquid form. One bottle «Loteria» enough to remove all the fungus. Is from 1300 to 2300 rubles. On sterile processed finger daily for 1-2 weeks, the coatings of this medication. Pharmacies this product is sold in different amounts. It is chosen depending on the complexity of fungal diseases. To erase the previous deposited layers is impossible.

«Stop Active»

«Stop Active»

Available in the form of oil. A new antifungal agent, which is characterized in that consists entirely of natural herbs. The cost varies from 200 to 500 rubles. Is one of the most effective means of combating the fungus. Has advantages against other drugs in its entirely organic composition.

If these drugs, which are reliable, proved ineffective and the disease comes back to you again and again, it is recommended to consult a doctor for further testing.

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