The most effective remedy for cockroaches

Cockroach — one of the most resilient insects on the planet and so if you are in an apartment infested with these «neighbors» to get rid of them is not easy. Even the most effective roach does not guarantee instant result. Why? Cockroaches for many years living next to the man and were able to adapt to the strong chemical drugs and the money that 10 years ago, easily coped with these insects are completely inactive.



The use of sprays in the control of cockroaches is justified in cases where get rid of insects as quickly as possible. But there are certain difficulties in applying this tool.

If the family has small children and Pets, they primarily belong to the risk group, as the aerosols immediately fall into the respiratory tract and nasal mucosa. So, before you start baiting roaches this tool, it is better to take out all households in the village or to the country. For a stronger effect, you must close all Windows and doors to the apartment did not get fresh air.

Spray the roaches from RAID

The most effective roach among aerosols is Sinasan. If your apartment is large number of these insects, it is able to cope with them in a few days, completely destroying the entire population. However, it is toxic and in the free market is not found. It is mainly used by workers of sanitary-epidemiological station and private companies involved in pest control.

You can buy an aerosol of a Raptor, which is well established in the fight against various insects. Before doing the decoration, you should remove all the dishes and food to them off the drug. Although it is not particularly dangerous to humans, yet extra dose of chemistry you in the body completely useless.

Raptor Spray

Also proved its effectiveness to kill cockroaches and spray Korean manufacturers combat that has a smell of lemon or mint. Known for many years, the domestic Dichlorvos, now rarely used, as it causes more harm to humans than cockroaches.

Traps for cockroaches

If you notice in the kitchen or in the bathroom a few insects is not a reason to apply a potent tool. The most effective means to control cockroaches could be mechanical, if the insects have not spread throughout the house and did not have time how to breed.

Paste Raptor


Trap for cockroaches one of the most simple and safe means for the control of cockroaches. It is absolutely harmless for children and Pets, but also inefficient in case of strong infestation of the apartment. Traps are most often used in cases where the roaches come from neighbors or fall into the apartment through the vents in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Not to wait when these guests finally arrive at your apartment, you can set several traps in the bathrooms and in the kitchen and periodically check them.

Trap for cockroaches

The traps are made of cardboard, plastic and with electrical discharge, however, the latter are much more expensive. Traps for cockroaches can make their own. Take an ordinary jar of the floor, the bottom is placed a piece of banana or a teaspoon of honey to attract insects. The upper part is lubricated by oil that cockroaches are slipping and could not get back.

Gels in the fight against cockroaches

Probably the most effective roach still insecticidal gels. They do not require the complete removal of all tenants of the apartment, you do not have an unpleasant and pungent smell, and are inexpensive. The drug is aimed at the digestive tract of the insect in the composition of the gel attract the cockroach smell, however the poison does not act immediately.

Gel cockroaches

After a few days you will start finding dead insects, it means the drug began to act. During application of the gel to cut off the cockroaches all accesses to the water, that they could not therefore nullify the effect of the drug.

The most effective tool among the gels is considered to be a German agent «Global». It is, of course, such a tool is not cheap, but its effectiveness you will see on the second day after application. This gel is completely safe for Pets because it includes a bitter substance, which for cockroaches quietly, but if the dog or cat will try ever lick this drug will be long spat and will always remember the unpleasant taste.

Gel Globol

One of the downsides of gel products is the duration of their action on insects. If cockroaches need to be eliminated very quickly, then it is better to use the aerosol or spray.

Boric acid is the most effective means of cockroaches

If you are wanting to spray in my apartment chemicals and traps are not trusted, you can apply a simple method for the «eviction» of insects. Mix one bag of boric acid with the yolk of a boiled egg, you need to make little balls and put them in places where the most common cockroaches. For a person this acid is completely safe, but cockroaches guarantees instant death. Boric acid, once in the stomach of the insect, immediately corrodes it, and the cockroach dies.

Born acid

Choosing a tool for removing cockroaches should consider their population, the presence in your home animals and possible allergic reaction to the drug. The most effective remedy for roaches is cleanliness and lack of residue in the trash or on the table. Every creature needs food, and if not leave them for «treats», they are likely to go to look for a more suitable place.

The fight against cockroaches

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