The most effective exercises for buttocks

Any modern woman wants to have slim hips and a firm butt. This desire is very common and has a good Foundation. According to various polls revealed that a lot of women are dissatisfied with their thighs and buttocks. Many people think that they have cellulite. It is no secret that to achieve any results instead of moaning and complaints you just need to take and start moving toward your dream. For this you need to choose the correct principle of training.

The most effective exercises for buttocks

At home you can do the most effective exercises for the glutes. They will help to achieve results in a short time and make your figure the way you want to see her.

Squats is the most effective exercise for the glutes

Is no longer a secret that one of the most effective exercises to firm buttocks is squats. You can perform classic squats or variations – they all have effect.

Classic squats

Technically it is the correct execution of such exercises as squats is quite time consuming. The maximum impact is only possible with the right approach. The legs should stand a little wider than shoulder width, back straight. The beginning of the movement should occur through a «protrusion» of the pelvis back. Must be the feeling that you need to sit on a chair that is a little behind. To return to the starting position is when the hips have reached a line that is parallel to the floor.

To perform squats correctly, you can follow some rules:

  • The knee should not be in front of the toe. For perfect performance the bending angle of the knee should be straight and the knee should not go backward or forward;
  • The back should not be rounded, the head should be kept straight lengthwise, but can not bend;
  • Need to keep support on the heels. In this case, there shall be no transhipment on the toe;
  • The voltage should be only in the gluteal muscles;
  • Gluteal muscle will be worked harder when the feet are placed as wide as possible and squat as deep as possible.

Squats «Plie»

This is the dance exercise, which muscles dancers look so fit.


In the starting position the feet should be slightly wider than shoulders, toes vyvorotka to look to the side. Start the exercise with slow squats and ensure that your knees are pointing to the sides. The body slightly forward, the pelvis slightly back.The back should be straight. You need to squat as deeply as possible. The bottom of exercises you need to stay for a while, then slowly return to the starting position. Being at the bottom point to complicate the exercise, you can try alternately to detach the heel from the floor.

Attacks long ago

Pumping buttocks at home lessons, the attacks should not be forgotten – this exercise is one of the most effective. Muscles with it perfectly worked out and acquire the shape and contours of the natural lines.

Attacks long ago

For the proper performance of exercise must adhere to the following techniques:

  • Starting position: Legs are at a distance shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward, hands placed on the waist. Back and shoulders should be kept straight.
  • Taking a breath, you need to push one foot back, sweep have to do as much as possible. The second leg to leave the original position, but the knee should be bend at an angle of 90.
  • Come to the original position, on the exhale, pushing off with the heel of the supporting leg. The knee of the working leg should not cross the line, which is the toe.

For starters, it is best to do 4 sets of 20. Having the ease of execution of such quantity, the load can be increased.

Bulgarian lunges

It’s normal attacks, but they are from the fulcrum. Muscles from the exercise rapidly gain the tone desired level. Support the apartment can be any elevation difference: bed, nightstand, etc. it is Important that it is sustainable.

Bulgarian lunges

The exercise should be adhering to this technique:

  • Stand in straight position, feet stand, a support located behind. It should not be higher than the knees;
  • Support the top overhangs the toe of the working foot, the support at this time is a bit pushed forward. To go beyond the level of the line knee sock should not throughout exercise. Hands better to keep the waist;
  • After a deep breath you need to start to bend the knee until it will not take a position parallel to the floor. At this level, to linger for 5-10 seconds. Return to the starting position.

It is best to run 2-4 approach. The number of sit-UPS should be the maximum and uniform. Between sets should be breaks in 2-3 minutes. When the pace becomes habitual, the load can be increased by adding weight, such as dumbbells.

The gluteal bridge

To begin the exercise, lie down on the floor. You need to bend Legs, feet should be at shoulder width. Stretch the thighs, shrink buttocks, off the floor the pelvis and lower back. At the top point to make a second delay and then you can return to the floor. The load must be performed on the hips, but not on the back, you can not do this exercise in spurts. Efficiency study of the hips depends on how much they compressed.

Gluteal mstock

To complicate the exercises under the feet, you can substitute a small increase (about 30 cm), and being at the top point to try to bring her legs together. With this thighs worked out further.

Another option complications is to putting a weighting on the lower abdomen. Water bottle will be a good weighting in terms of home workouts. Add weight only when muscles get used to the load.

Walking on the buttocks

With this exercise the muscles are being worked on very actively, improves blood circulation.

Walking on the buttocks

For starters, you must sit on the floor. Legs straight, back straight, arms bent at the elbows or stacked on his head. The thigh of one leg by lifting from the floor and making a stepping motion. Then the same exercise performs a second leg. Thus we need to reach the wall and return. On average it should be done in about 20-25 steps in one direction, and then the same in another.

This exercise will not only give a great visual effect. In addition, it ensures the pelvis good massage, providing the effect of improvement.

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