The most effective diet for weight loss

People suffering from excess weight, often to «sit» on various diets to give your body beauty and health. But what diet to choose, because today so many of them? Who not only offers a variety of diet models, stars of show business and cinema. And all diets are so different that sometimes it is impossible to quickly determine which of them will give the desired result. Let’s see what the most effective diet for weight loss today are and how applying them to achieve the desired effect.

Lose weight fast: diet with good effect

Effective diet will help lose weight fast

Many people do not want to spend diet much time and effort, so there are quite simple ways to get good results. The main thing to remember that in addition to proper nutrition, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Only then your body will say «thank you» and will delight attractive forms. Hence, the most effective is these types of diets:

1)the cabbage soup Diet. Allows you to get rid of five kilograms of excess weight per week. Feature of this diet is the exclusion of fat, but tasty enough.

the cabbage soup diet allows you to lose 5 pounds in a week

2)buckwheat Diet. During this diet buckwheat filled hot water and used within a week. During this time, you can lose extra 4 kg.

3)Brazilian Diet. Is based on eating fruits, vegetables and soups, vegetables. During the week you can get rid of 4 kilos of excess weight.

4)kefir Diet. «Sit» on the low-fat yogurt (1.5 liters per day) during the week, during this time, manages to lose 5 kilos

Kefir diet allows you to lose weight in a week up to 5 kg

5)a Juice cleanse. Only fresh juices (orange, lemon, grapefruit) and water for three days could lose up to three pounds.

The juice diet allows you to lose 3 days 3 kg

6)interval Diet. This diet lasts for 9 days, which is divided into three days and three stages. During this time, you need to eat vegetables and rice. But you must carefully monitor his health. As a result, possible to lose up to nine pounds.

7)the Hollywood Diet. It should «sit» for two weeks. During this time, it is important to monitor the number of consumed fat, sugar and salt. Completely eliminated bread. 14 days can get rid of 7 kg of excess weight.

8)potato Diet. Within two days are allowed to eat potatoes boiled in their skins or baked in the oven. Salt is not added. In two days you can lose up to 2 kg.

9)the Japanese Diet. Also lasts 14 days. The diet – eating seafood with no salt. Two weeks manage to get rid of 8 kilograms of excess weight.

The diet is chosen individually

Which from the following best diet, you have to determine. After all, what works for one person may be totally unacceptable for another.

Express diet

Sometimes you need to lose weight very quickly. Required special occasions in our lives – the future gala events, corporate, family holidays when you want to look perfect. And if you are wondering what is the most effective diet for weight loss that allows you to quickly get my body in decent shape, try to use a crash diet, which so love to use top models.

Top models prefer rapid diet

This diet lasts for 2-5 days and not more. Its main feature is that there is no evening meal. That might be somewhat difficult for the body, but the result is worth it. So, for Breakfast you should eat boiled egg and a Cup of tea (or coffee – who that prefers), but without sugar. On the second Breakfast, which can be about 11-30 or 12: 00 PM, you need to eat some lowfat cottage cheese and drink a glass of vegetable juice. For lunch preparing fish or chicken and a side dish to that served salad vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice. For dessert you can taste the berries or unsweetened fruit. For dinner drinking only herbal tea without sugar. Here’s the fast diet will lose up to three pounds for 3 days. However, to resort to it not more often than once a month.

The secret to losing weight is divided and Larisa Dolina

You can explore many other diets celebrities such as Larisa Dolina, and this suggests that they often resort to carbohydrate-free diet. That is, it is important to limit the consumption of sweets. However, a diet is usually quite nutritious and tasty food, so sitting on it will not be so difficult. And even for a few days you can achieve good results.

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