The most durable metal in the world

At the mention of the word «metal» probably everyone draws in your imagination solid, durable and super-tough sheet of iron, which is just impossible to bend or break. However, the metals are different. And if you’re wondering which metal is the most durable in the world, we will provide you with a reliable answer and will tell you about this metal. They have material silver-white color, which is called «Titan».

By whom and when open?

The most durable metal in the world titanium

On opening of the metal worked from two scientists, an Englishman. Gregory and the German M. Klapthor. They found this element in the late eighteenth century, but with a gap of six years. In the periodic table titanium appeared under the twenty-second the ordinal number immediately after the opening of metal scientists. However, due to high fragility of the Titan for a long time no use. And in 1925 the Dutch physicists have made a discovery, highlighting the pure titanium, it combines a lot of advantages. The metal is characterized by high adaptability, excellent specific strength, resistance to corrosion and incredible durability at the high temperature regime.

Key features of Titan

The strongest metal in the world, created by scientists in 1925, is incredibly flexible, allowing you to create the plates, rods, strips, tubes, wire and foil. The hardness of titanium is harder than iron and copper four times, and this parameter outperforms titanium aluminium twelve times. Titanium products retain their strength even when exposed to high temperatures. Parts of titanium can serve as long term under the influence of high performance.

The most durable metal in the world titanium in the periodic table at number 22

Also the most durable metal on Earth has an excellent corrosion characteristics. For example, placed in sea water plate of titanium over ten years not exposed to rust. The increased interest in the metal have electrical engineers and radioelektronikos – and all because the most durable metal in the world which has a significant resistivity and different magnetic properties.

Why is this metal called «Titan»?

There are two versions of the origin of its name. One of them is that metal silver-white color was named after the fairy Queen Titania, which is known from German mythology. And all because of the material, in addition to high strength is different and more incredible ease. According to another version, the metal is named after the mighty children of the goddess Gaia – Titans. Which of these versions has greater credibility, it is difficult to judge, but it may be noted that each of them is gorgeous and is the place to be.

The use of titanium

Titanium products

The use of silver metal wide enough. It is used in military industry (building rockets, drugs for aircraft, housings for submarines, etc.), medicine (prosthetics), automotive industry, agricultural industry, manufacturing mobile phones and manufacturing of jewelry.

Even more lightweight and durable

Unique liquid-metal - lightweight and durable

Most recently, California scientists announced to the world that opened with a lightweight and durable metal. It is a liquid metal made of a mixture of graphene oxide and lyophilized carbon. The liquid-metal has already earned high praise from professionals and established itself as perfect for casting and stainless steel material.

Graphene transistors

New metal is so light that it can safely contain flower petals. As you know, graphene is not only the lightness and high strength but also excellent flexibility. Therefore, scientists today are engaged in the development towards the creation of ultra-light material, and perhaps in the near future, before humanity there is an even more unique materials.

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