The most difficult tongue twisters in the world

In our country more than thirty percent of the pupils of the first classes have speech pathology – someone very small vocabulary, someone mispronounce the sounds and some first graders may have articulation. To cope with the defects of speech help different chistogovorki and tongue twisters. The most difficult tongue twisters, if you learn how to pronounce quickly and correctly, help to correct speech disorders and allow the child to speak correctly. Let’s find out what kind of tongue twisters are great help in the development of children’s speech.

A great benefit from tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are useful for diction

Patter is a creation of people, funny poems or phrases that a great help in improving articulation and correcting the most complex defects of diction of children. The most difficult tongue twisters in the world include the words (a certain amount), which have many of the same sounds. This fact makes the pronunciation of tongue twisters is quite heavy.

At the moment linguists so far, only I wonder how does the speech area of the brain. Why do some children speak very well, and some problems with diction? While experts are working in this direction, the kids are excellent patters. We offer to your attention a few of these tongue twisters, say quite difficult. But they will help your child to speak correctly.

Complex patter of the three words

Let’s start with the first, the simplest of all complicated tongue twisters. Try saying it a few times, and then ask them to repeat it to the kid. Agree, just read the tongue Twister at a slow pace is not so difficult. But if you begin to speak the words, the language was «confused» and say, not what follows. However, each time the pronunciation will be better.

Then try saying this tongue Twister.

Patter of four lines

And this patter is a little harder.

Complex patter

After trying all these complicated suggestions for setting diction, you can move on to the most difficult and a long tongue Twister. At first it may seem that this is not something that to learn to read is simply impossible, but it’s only a matter of time and training.

Liguria: to study and tell

There is the longest tongue Twister in the world that allows you to train diction and correct speech defects in children, which belong to middle and high school age. Called this patter «Liguria». It was named so, because it’s about a picturesque place in Italy (Liguria). If you frequently repeat a difficult tongue twisters you can permanently get rid of the problems with diction.

A small part of tongue twisters Liguria

Word-combinations which it presents, very difficult to pronounce. So it will be a wonderful articulation gymnastics and will continue to easily and quickly reproduce it. Once you can fluently play «Liguria», this patter will be for you or your child is a simple idea.

We will not allow the full text of «Liguria», as the patter is really very long. You can find her on the Internet. We only note that it will be interesting both for children and for adults. Of course, to learn and to pronounce such a tongue Twister is a real victory!

Speaker Elena Solomina reads the tongue Twister Liguria

This is the biggest tongue Twister is even used for training of speech, speakers, politicians, artists, educators, and businessmen. Very exciting, as «Liguria» reads the announcer Elena Solomin. She probably had to work hard to remember and properly reproduce the tongue Twister. But after all, it is the speaker – it should convey all the information correctly! However, after many workouts and you will turn out not worse. And the children will pronounce all the sounds in words and is developing their vocal apparatus.

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