The most difficult musical instrument

Of all musical instruments the most recognized heavy body which is also the largest in the world. For its large size, huge selection of tones and immeasurable latitude in terms of the sound he named «king» of musical instruments.

Pipe organ

The first bodies: what are their characteristics?

Their appearance of the spiritual body shall Babylon the bagpipes. She was very popular already in the XIX century BC. The bodies of the modern world are large in size and convey to the listeners ears sounds that can only be described as divine. The most close to the modern began to do in the IV century. In the VIII century, such bodies have found their use in Church choirs. The first representatives of this magic tool was only one keyboard for the hands, but only with fists instead of fingers struck her as the width of keys up to 7 cm of Foot pedals such instruments was not provided.

The first bodies

Recognized as incredibly loud

The heaviest organ, built by human hands (1932), consisted of 337 registers and 33,000 pipes. At its creation took 4 years and almost 500,000 dollars. Pipe it was used for reinforced concrete, as wood (their length is equal to 18 m) could not withstand the exerted load on them. Is this tool incredibly huge amount of pressure occurring during air supply and the widest range of sounds. This complex musical instrument was installed in the concert hall Bordok located in America.

Body Bordone

In addition to all these characteristics, its distinctive feature is the control system – it is very complicated. The body has 2 spiliotisa, one of which is movable and the other stationary. Every spilltech has 12 variable. Those who want to hear this instrument in full force, I want to warn you – take care of your hearing. It is not only the most difficult but also the loudest instrument in the world. His pipes have an incredibly strong sound, therefore a high probability that the tympanic membrane of a person can not stand.

In 1998, it was recognized that on Bardot has a very poor technical condition, therefore, it was decided to restore the instrument. However, 10 years no work had been started. And during that time the tool was somewhat restored, but completely work it never did. And while no one knows how much time will pass until the moment when the sound of such a loud instrument will again fill the hall.

What are the largest today?

Today bodies are very successfully used as an accompanist for Church choirs. But art lovers can hear the magical sounds of this instrument in concert halls, where he «gives» to the public of solo works, compositions with the orchestra accompanies the voice of Aria.

The biggest and fully working at the moment a body is «Macy sLord&Taylor» (Philadelphia). His sounds are heard here every day. 396 registers and 28482 pipes – that is a this great tool, which weighs 287 tons. Several smaller European has a body that is in St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Germany). For its size it is in fourth place among the largest keyboards-wind instruments of today that are working.

Not to mention the pipe organ, which is in Kaliningrad Cathedral.

Organ of Kaliningrad Cathedral

This tool is equipped with 90 registers and the 8,500 pipes. His magical sound come every day to enjoy the many residents and visitors.

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