The most difficult language in the world

A simple answer to the question of which language is the most difficult in the world, can not no linguist. Here it is necessary to consider several factors, among which not last role is played by your native language, what dialect you communicate with your family. We give a simple example, Russian language for Ukrainian is not so complicated, but for Chinese – it may be not under force. Let’s look at some languages that are most difficult.



One of the most difficult languages – a large number of complex sounds is virtually impossible to play. Every word difficult to pronounce, and the same letter can sound different depending on the location of the letters in the word. If, for example, in the European languages you will find similar sounding words in Arabic you familiar intonations are unlikely to meet. We are accustomed to the fact that the verb is placed after the predicate, and the verb is put in front of him. In addition, the verb can be in three forms – multiple, single and dual. Try not to get lost in the thirteen forms of the present time. Besides, you shouldn’t let attention from the fact that in Arabic they write from right to left.

Russian language


The unprepared people can be difficult to play – while in many languages the stress falls on the same composition, in Russian it can be placed anywhere in the word. Often the emphasis changes the meaning. The word seems to be one thing, but it can mean very different things. Foreigners are often surprised by the richness and diversity of the Russian language. In addition, it is necessary to pay great attention to the study not only of nouns, numbers, and declensions, but the placement of commas and other punctuation.

Hungarian language


In this complicated language, there are thirty-five cases. The speech of the Hungarian generously seasoned with various suffixes and expressive phraseology. A huge number of consonants, which are pronounced in the throat, does not add to the ease of pronunciation. Even knowing the subtleties of the language, to speak this language you will learn not soon.

Chinese language


One of the most difficult languages in the world – China. The ancient hieroglyphs should be viewed with care and attention to the slightest tilt of the dash or the lack of it change the meaning of written. A single character can Express not only the word but the whole sentence. Looking at these intricate flourishes, it is unlikely you’ll know how to pronounce them. In addition, the meaning of words and sentences affect homophones and tones.

Frequently even the indigenous inhabitants of China, Chinese grammar is too difficult. To date, the most complete dictionary contains about 90 thousand characters, and each represents its own part. For example, the character for a stuffy nose, consists of 36 lines.

Japanese language


Not inferior to the complexity of the Chinese. If you ever master the science of hieroglyphs, to speak the language you are unlikely to succeed. Japanese language has three different writing systems. To study this complicated language students are given several times more time to learn about fifteen thousand different characters serious! The students in Japan learn for twelve years. To Japanese student passed the final exam, he has to learn a thousand characters.

Polish language


This language is harder than it seems. First, there are much less rules than exceptions, and memorize them all only the most resistant. Despite the fact that the alphabet letters are the same, how many teeth in the adult, ideally, of course, sounds a lot more. At times, the difficulties caused by a plain reading of the written word. Cases like little, only seven, but in order to understand them, you first have to learn to understand the spoken language of poles, and then have to learn the rules. Speaking in Polish language, give great importance to the pronunciation, otherwise you risk being misunderstood. By the way, like hearing a familiar word, you may wonder what it means something quite different from what you are used to.

Serving traditional Basque language

serving traditional Basque

In this difficult language in the world speak some French, and the population of the Northern part of Spain. This language is not associated with any known group of languages — neither alive nor dead. Difficulty may arise in trying to understand and memorize twenty-four case. A new word formed by joining morphemes. The words connected to each other via a case inflection. The system of mood, which include, for example, of potential.

Language tuuka


Rare to meet someone who speaks this complex language. It is widespread mainly in the Eastern part of the Amazon. Despite the fact that the language is frankly not enough of sounds and letters, the very construction of the words and phrases can cause problems. The person who speaks that language, perhaps saying only one word, to utter a complex sentence. This language is characteristic of a complex system of verb endings, which change may explain the source and effect, and explanation to him, and a host of other information.

Language Navajo


One more complex language – the language of two hundred thousand Indians. In this complex language, spoken by the inhabitants of Arizona and the southwestern part of the United States, and four vowels, but the consonants have a distinctive pronunciation. Often Europeans simply can’t replicate the sound. In the language of the Navajo there are no numbers, nouns don’t have declensions. But the verb has many faces. In times of war sounded in the middle of the last century, this language was used when it was necessary to convey the important information – none of the interpreters could not understand a word of the reports.

Icelandic language


One of the oldest languages in the world carries these words that have long been forgotten. This is his main difficulty – the words are so old that the lifting of the veil of antiquity over them can only help regular interaction with people, to Express himself in this language from the cradle. To explore this very complicated world of language books and reference books will not be enough. You just try to pronounce the word Eyjafjallajökull. Under such «simple» name lives on one of the volcanoes.

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