The most delicious dish in the world

There is one most delicious dish in the world? Definitely not, because everyone has their own tastes and preferences, not to mention tradition. But there are dishes that stand out from the rest — meals that the whole world knows.

His Majesty «Caesar»

Every cafe and restaurant the visitor will find a Caesar salad on the menu, because that is what I order most often. What is the secret of such popularity? The combination of soft chicken, the juiciness and freshness of the salad, and all of this emphasizes the crunchy croutons. The original recipe salad is made of chicken, but today there are many variations — with seafood, Turkey, tongue, mushrooms, nuts, cheeses, vegetables and even fruit.

Salad CaesarCaesar Salad

Original recipe from everyday ingredients looks simple, and it fully reflects the history of its origin: in the beginning of XX century chef Caesar Cardini found that the kitchen was not left supplies for meals and in the sitting room of hungry visitors, so we had to quickly devise a dish from residues — wheat toast, eggs, salad leaves, garlic and grated cheese. But by itself this set would not be a hit without much filling, that is now called «Caesar» sauce. On that day, the chef used the lemon juice, olive oil, and of English sweet-and-sour Worcestershire sauce. Modern cooks can beat this recipe on its own, adding chicken or quail eggs, mayonnaise, sour cream, cream, mustard, complementing the taste of herbs.

Fire steak «Diane»

The first half of the twentieth century is rich in culinary discovery. In addition to the famous salad, this time gave a spectacular gourmet meat dish — steak Diane, invented in new York and named after the Roman goddess of the hunt.

Fire steakFire steak «Diane»

In itself the dish is very simple — this venison with spicy sauce, and a big name he did not a recipe, but the method of delivery. In the kitchen the meat was roasted on both sides and was supplemented with zazharkoy of onions, shallots, garlic and mushrooms, plus all the same Worcestershire sauce, cream, broth and mustard. But the removal of the client arranged a spectacular show: the meat was set on fire by the addition of alcohol. Besides the visual effect, the client received a tasty caramelizing crust. This technique is called Flambeau (from the French «flambe»- chamber), and is used to this day. The only difference is that instead of venison for the famous steak today use more accessible meat — beef.

Exquisite banana foster

Again we return to the twentieth century, the American restaurant «Brennan’s» where Paul Blange came up with this dessert and named it in honor of the crime fighter Richard foster, one of the owner of the restaurant. By the way, «Brennan» operates today, and the dessert remains so popular that in the year seeing tens of thousands of pounds of bananas.

Exquisite bananaExquisite banana foster

Sweet dish is a softened bananas which add the melted butter, sugar, cinnamon and liqueur. It uses all the same method — the Flambeau, and when the flame goes out, for dessert add a scoop of ice cream and serve. At home these ingredients are also used for the manufacture of a sauce for pancakes or cottage cheese.

Simple and complex «Massaman curry»

With an exotic name hides a well-known potato with meat. Most of the ingredients you can buy around the world: soft beef and potatoes stewed in coconut milk with nuts, sugar and spices. That’s just to feel the real taste of food outside his or her country of Thailand, will not work, and because you need a special paste, which is produced only in Thailand and not subject to long-term storage. For its production need: dried chilli and white pepper, shallots, garlic, galangal (looks like ginger, but taste differs), lemongrass, coriander, cumin and shrimp paste.

«Massaman curry»

Interestingly, in Thailand this dish is called baby, because of all the spicy national food is curry is the least spicy. With regard to the history of origin, the most probable version is this: the recipe appeared in Thailand with migrants from the East, and the word «massaman» means «Muslim».

Ancient Peking duck

This recipe is older than the last: his story begins in the XIV century. The name is due to the fact that the dish originated at the court in Beijing for his Chinese Emperor invented nutritionist with a medical background named Hu Sihui.

Peking duckPeking duck

Cooking Peking duck is a long process, which is even hours and days: chef special handling to duck, rubbed with honey and baked in wood burning stoves cherry wood for two days. The client receives the carcass, cut into hundreds of thin crispy pieces, surrounded by special crepes, smeared with sauce. Pancakes need to wrap them in meat.

The liver of the fish anglerfish

One of the iconic national Japanese delicacies — pickled liver of the angler fish, also known as «monkfish» or «fish-monk». In Japanese this is called a liver «ankimo».

The liver of the fish anglerfishThe liver of the fish anglerfish

Liver few days marinated in rice vodka sake and served with herbs, chili and sauce, a sprinkle of rice wine. In practice, there are hundreds of other cooking options, in which the liver is steamed, fried, stewed, served as individual treats or as part of another dish.

Rendang is the pride of Indonesia

The history of food began in the XVI century on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The spices included in the composition, played the role of preservative, and therefore the mariners used the Rendang as a backup food supplies. The word «Rendang» («Rendang») means not even the name of the dish and method of cooking: it is about the long-stewing meat (sometimes vegetables) in a spicy sauce of coconut milk with the addition of coconut.


The recipe is beef, which is sometimes replaced by chicken, lamb or duck and seasoned local pastas and sauces. The result is a sour-sweet spicy thick dish. For daily nutrition method time-consuming, so prepare Rendang only for religious holidays and receptions.

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