The most delicious cake

Worldwide have recently begun to celebrate the day of cake, which is dedicated to the friendship of peoples. Any celebration is not complete without a delicious cake, which is always incredibly beautiful. And what delicious cakes known to mankind?

1 Napoleon

Napoleon Cake

This is the most delicious cake in the world has such a name, which is suitable for any puff pastry. And known a couple of versions of the «birth» of this confection. One carries a historical basis, and the second is associated with romance. A romantic version says that once Josephine saw Napoleon for a nice conversation with a lady. It is this fact is not confused – he explained to Josephine that opened, thatís the secret of the new Goodies. However, he listed ingredients needed for the cake. Josephine, to shame her husband, decided to give the job to the chef to do it a treat. And surprisingly it turned out the most delicious cake.

The second version is a more truthful and connected with the celebration of the centenary of the Patriotic war. Supposedly the pastry baked for the holiday layer cake in the form of a triangular hat. This cake gained popularity and became a wonderful treat for everyone.

2 Linz

Cake Linz

This almond pastry from Austria is simply Association. Recipe invented it three hundred years ago. The basis of cake – jam and almond oil. The main part of the product is a lattice of dough that can be topped with almond shavings.

3 Dobos

Cake Dobos

Hungarian cake has its own history of emergence. 1885. confectioner Jozsef Dobos created for the exhibition a unique masterpiece – a cake consisting of 6 layers of sponge separated by cream of chocolate. Officially Dobos opened the secret of her culinary miracle in 1906. Since in Hungary this cake is baked only with all the intricacies of the recipe.

4 black forest

Cake Black Forest

This product with cherries and whipped cream was invented in the early thirties in Germany. However, the world the glory of the cake was already in our time. The product is decorated with cherries and chocolate shavings.

5 Cheesecake

Cake Cheesecake

About this cake probably heard all the people in the world. It differs creamy taste and delicate structure. And about the origin of this recipe, cottage cheese cake, too, have several versions. But no matter which one is true – what matters is that this product is incredibly tender and tasty.

6 Tiramisu

Tiramisu Cake

The product of delicate cheese mass is the creation of Italian pastry. The extreme tenderness of the product goes well with chocolate, coffee or even alcoholic impregnation. If you translate the product name, it means «lift me up».

7 Kiev cake

Kiev cake

About the taste of this cake know the people living in the former Soviet Union. Most popular confection acquired during the Soviet Union. «Born» cake Kiev confectionery factory. Came up with his 17-year-old worker N.Chernogor, which in 1965. made your prescription 3 new cake, got positive feedback.

8 bird’s milk

Cake Praline milk

This is a dessert invented by the poles in 1930. But this brand of cake soufflé was in the Soviet Union. And to release this sophisticated technology, the dessert was the factory «Rot-Front» in 1968.

9 Prague

Cake Prague

And this delicacy is the most famous and incredibly delicious. The cake recipe belongs to the St. Guralnik, who invented it in 1955. The basis of his recipe steel chocolate cakes and a layer of cream. Probably the first cake «Prague» was much tastier than the products that are being baked today at confectionery factories in Russian cities. But even a modern delicacy I love many people, preferring to buy «Prague» on the festive date.

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