The most dangerous volcano in the world

Volcanoes – amazing creation of nature that is for the person serious danger. That is why for many centuries people are trying to unravel the mystery of these beautiful mountains with craters, but in spite of many scientific advances, anticipate when to start the eruption, scientists have not yet learned. In a world of many volcanoes that lie dormant, but can at any moment to Wake up and cause a lot of problems. Let’s look at dozens of volcanoes, which are called the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

1 Vesuvius (Italy)


With full confidence we can say that the Vesuvius the most dangerous volcano in the world. Probably, at the mere use of the word volcano comes to mind this name. That is mount Vesuvius in the year 79 destroyed the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, burying its inhabitants under a huge amount of lava and ash. The volcano periodically wakes up and knows that much he has erupted at least 80 times. In the last century of his eruption, he destroyed Massa and San Sebastiano.

The height of this volcano is 1 of 281 m. It is composed of three, as if inserted into each other with cones. The crater of Vesuvius in diameter is approximately 750 m. This volcano, located in the South of Italy, is the only volcano in continental Europe, which never sleeps, but constantly makes itself felt.

2 Nyiragongo (Africa)


This is another dangerous volcano in the world, which accounts for more than 50 percent of eruptions in Africa. He is extremely active and the specific chemical composition of the lava. His main danger is not the cooling lava lake – it has a constant temperature of 982 degrees. Earthquakes cause hot lava to flow downward, and the speed of its movement can be up to 100 km/h. Volcano since 1882 it has erupted 34 times. There have been periods when he has been constant volcanic activity in the past few years. In 2002 alone, he caused the death of 147 people. However, he has left without shelter thousands of local residents. Activity of the volcano was constantly under surveillance, but predicting the timing of the next eruption is not yet possible.

3 Yellowstone (USA)


Strength and power is equal to this dormant volcano just yet. On the landscape, scientists suggested that the volcano really erupted more than once. Around this volcano, which height of 3 142 meters hot geysers, which began in 2002 is still hot. In 2006, scientists noticed lifting soil up to 6 cm in year and appearance at the bottom of the Yellowstone lake some relief cone. Scientists have calculated the period when the eruption of the volcano again – it happens over 600,000 years. And since the last splash of the hot lava was about 640,000 years.

4 Popocatepetl (Mexico)


For a long time this is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world was considered dormant, but in the late 20th century he woke up, and now continues to prove that weaken their activity, he is not going. Eruptions are ongoing and since 2002 occur every 4 years. Every month you can watch as the air is ejected ash and sulfur. Popocatepetl is the second tallest volcano in Mexico – his height is 5 452 m. the Volcano has a conical shape, a deep crater in the shape of an oval and steep walls. It has erupted 36 times. If the eruption be very strong, will suffer hundreds of thousands of people who today continue to build their homes near the volcano.

5 Sakurajima (Japan)


The middle of the list of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world is this active volcano of the island of Kyushu. He is a standing – over his crater can regularly see the smoke, which periodically develops into an eruption. Because of the strong eruption in 1914 the island of Kyushu ceased to be so because spilled lava connected it with the mainland. At the moment, formed the isthmus even created a trail on which visitors can go to the volcano. And it should be noted that this route is very popular, despite the turbulence Sakurajima.

6 Merapi (Indonesia)


This volcano, with a height of 2 914 metres, is the largest on the island of Java. Major eruptions occur in seven years. Twice a year there are small eruptions, and smoke above the crater can be seen almost daily. In 1672 occurred the most destructive eruption of mount Merapi – the volcano then destroyed dozens of settlements, completely changed the existing landscape, and river channels of the nine rivers. In the 19th century there were 9 major eruptions in the 20th century – such happened 13. And every time, with the strongest eruptions killed thousands of people, many remained without a roof over his head, as towns just disappeared from the face of the Earth. The last eruption of Merapi occurred in 2010, when the death toll was approximately 90 people.

7 Etna (Italy)


Another Italian volcano, which is considered very dangerous Etna. The highest point of this volcano in eruption of constantly changing, therefore, to say with certainty about the height of the volcano impossible. Is Etna with 400 craters, and is located on a plot of 1250 km2. Approximately every three months, place a small eruption of this volcano. The most dangerous is the situation when multiple craters are spewing lava and ash at the same time.

8 Galeras (South America)


This Colombian volcano is quite powerful and great height (she is 4 276 m). At the base the diameter of the volcano is approximately 20 km away. the Researchers found that over the last seven thousand years this volcano strongly erupted at least 6 times. Had lots of smaller eruptions. At the foot of the Galeras is a small town, the residents in 2010 because of the strong eruption of the volcano had to be evacuated. In the city of Pasto to receive evacuated people, even a prepared shelter.

9 Mauna Loa (USA)

Mauna Loa

Volcano Hawaiian national Park is recognized as the largest and one of the most dangerous on Earth. Its height is 169 m 4, the crater of cruzesti is about 6.5 km away. the Last time the volcano strongly erupted in 1950, it formed a lava lake which flowed down the slopes. Today this volcano is volcano station, where the activity of the Mauna Loa observations are ongoing. Also at the same volcano built solar and atmospheric Observatory.

10 Colima (Mexico)


To date, this active volcano poses a serious danger to residents of nearby communities and even the whole of Mexico. In height it reaches 3 846 m. Due to the high power of the volcano he even called the Mexican Vesuvius. The last time the volcano erupted strongly in 2005, people from nearby settlements were evacuated. With 1576 violent eruptions of Colima there are more than 40 times.

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