The most dangerous spider in the world

Spiders, which were not included in the class of insects, and isolated in a separate class, one only in their appearance cause some people fear or disgust. In fact, the spider that lives behind the cupboard and made myself a shawl, as a rule, the danger for us is not. But on Earth there are instances of these arthropods, which are better to avoid because they are very scary for the person. The most dangerous in the world is the Brazilian wandering spider, even listed in the Guinness Book of records for this reason.

The Brazilian wandering spider

Where he lives?

This spider lives in America (usually in subtropical and tropical latitudes). It is divided into two subspecies: the first are the jumping spiders that pursue their prey abrupt jumps, while the second – running spiders, which are able quickly to chase prey. Second prefer nocturnal, that is hunt at night and day trying to hide under rocks or in another place where no one will see.

The Brazilian wandering spider lives on the ground and in the trees

Why do they call him a stranger?

This spider is not as normal representatives of their species to invent the original webs, because it is not his path. Nickname its the most dangerous spider in the world awarded because he is the same constant residence in one place, that is, he is able to move in search of food. Inconvenience people that often cleaning the house, but this is a very poisonous creature. The people of South America often find Brazilian traveler in their homes – he can hide in the boxes with food or in wardrobes.

Features of this spider

He has a fairly small size – the length grows to ten inches. However, the small size is completely not able to prevent him to develop the qualities of a great hunter, which also poses a serious danger to humans. The bite of the Brazilian traveler leads to choking, and then it can happen fatal. But very pleased with the fact that there is an antidote, however, which must be entered to save lives.

The Brazilian wandering spider is small in size

Of course, the venom of this spider may not be as dangerous as the poison of the most dangerous snakes. Besides, to kill an adult human Brazilian traveler is unlikely, but a severe allergic reaction in humans, the bite can provoke. But on a sick person or a child poison can exert the most powerful effect and lead to sad results.

A favorite food of the Brazilian spider banana. It’s a huge temptation to get into the box, where the fruit is stored. For excessive love of bananas, it was called «banana spider». But the food – not a fruit. He loves to hunt insects or other members of their own species, and may attack lizards, birds, greatly surpass it in size.

Brazilian wandering spider in bananas

People just so the traveler is not evident, and bite only in self-defense. However, he loves to hide and notice it difficult, therefore, to avoid bites is difficult.

Who in the world still there are dangerous spiders?

Black widow is undoubtedly a very dangerous spider. Its venom is stronger than rattlesnake venom fifteen times. The female of this spider kills the male after mating, which spider got its nickname. The venom of the Black widow is dangerous to humans. So people were left to live after penetration into the body of this spider poison, use antidote within thirty seconds after the bite.

Black widow

The venom of the black widow can cause great harm to the animal. Great harm to the bite of a black widow can bring a person. Found a black widow in our latitudes, for example, a few years ago he created a huge problem living in Crimea. However, the spider does not attack, and only does it if it is disturbed.


Sydney leucopoenia the spider is very venomous and aggressive spider. Fatal adult human, the bite of this spider leads in rare cases, however, the symptoms of poisoning is very unpleasant – I start twitching muscles, numb lips, tongue, limbs, stand out saliva and tears, man can even fall into a coma.

Sanayici leucopoenia Pavuk

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