The most dangerous snakes

To meet this species of reptiles to be afraid of many. And rightly so, a single snake bite can be fatal. Beautiful to look at, with bright color and shiny skin, they can cause a lot of problems. For nature lovers and tourists who prefer to vacation in exotic countries, it is useful to learn what are the most dangerous snakes in the world.

Rattlesnake – the owner of a dangerous «rattles»

This reptile hails from America. During the attack she jumps sharply forward, the height of this jump comes to 2/3 of its height. The poison once in the body bitten, causing blood clotting and blocks all vital organs, stopping their work. In most cases death occurs. With the introduction of the antidote within a few hours after the bite the patient can be saved.

To know the snake can «rattle», which is located on her tail. While anxiety is a dangerous reptile emits a thundering sound.

A deadly snake is a reptile, do not give a chance

A resident of Australia mainly preys on other reptiles. But, when meeting with the person the Viper will not pass and will attack immediately. Enough 80 mg poisonous substances to cause paralysis in the victim. After a bite of this reptile, and the antidote rescues only half of the cases.

Viper – the hidden danger

These snakes live around the world and are most active at night or after rain. The reaction from them lightning fast, and the bite is very painful. After it can form bleeding, increase blood pressure. Death after a bite does not occur, but there are many cases, when a few days later, the man dies of a heart attack. Therefore, after the attack of the Viper, you should always consult a doctor.

Mamba is a dangerous runner

This is one of the most venomous reptiles in the world. It is quite an aggressive snake, after her bite, and death within 3 hours. Poisonous substance the adult is able to kill about 25 of adult men. Mamba is the fastest land snake. Movement speed can reach up to 20 km/h.

Cruel snake – the most dangerous reptile on earth

Today medicine is not known if the meeting with the man. Studies have shown that death occurs within 45 minutes after the attack of reptiles. Inject snake with a very poisonous substance, 110 mg of can kill about 100 people. It belongs to the representatives of Taimanov and lives in the wild forests.

Fortunately, most of these reptiles do not live in our country. But, intoxicated on holiday abroad, you should be careful and know the «enemy» in the face.

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