The most dangerous ride in the world

There are a huge number of different rides, but the ones that really astound the imagination, can be counted on the fingers. And among others in a special way stands a hotel-casino that bears the name «stratosphere Las Vegas». Its observation tower is the most altitude in the city, but the most attractive for tourists from all over the world are his rides.

Stratosphere Las Vegas

This building is like a magnet for all lovers of extreme sports and those who like to feel crazy and a few sweet feeling of danger. Indeed, looking at the swing of the Stratosphere, it is impossible even to imagine a more elegant and at the same time frightening rides.

The casino hotel has quite a considerable height – a little more than 350 m with a spire. If you stand on a height and look down over the fence, you will have to feel dizzy. And you just imagine the feeling when at the same altitude under the feet of nothing. That’s how one of the roundabouts, which makes all eager thrill beyond the top tier.

If this is not enough then you can get a couple of servings of adrenaline on two other machines: the catapult is a «Big shot» and the innocuous-looking trailer XSCREAM. But it is somewhat lower.

Interesting past

Speaking about the most dangerous ride in the world, it is impossible not to mention the special entertainment, which was given earlier. During 1996-2005 tower «stratosphere Las Vegas» was famous for its roller coasters, the change which subsequently came above the carousel. What happened? All in a small area where the trailer was not able to develop enough speed. Because of these design constraints is fun and has been banned.

It is worth noting the fact that, provided a sufficient number of territories these roller coasters will not only have every right to exist, but quite rightly could be considered the most high-rise on the planet.

The Big Shot catapult

So, if you overcame your fear and decided to rise to the height of three hundred meters to slightly improve your mood, then get ready because now your vestibular system is experiencing a serious load. A free fall is familiar to everyone, but to experience that feeling for yourself… are You ready? If so, then the oldest attraction «Stratosphere» catapult «Big shot» is waiting!

This carousel is a square frame, the perimeter of which is furnished with armchairs. They at breakneck speed to fall and slide along the spire structure, then brake sharply and as quickly go up. And there is no possibility to admire the landscapes that open, why, because the falling speed exceeds 70 km/h with an additional acceleration of 4g.

Enjoyed? Go ahead!

Insanity the Ride – carousel «Crazy.»

Agree to participate in this operation under force far not to everyone. Eloquent name of the carousel accurately describes its essence. Ride Insanity the Ride, or «Madness,» something like a huge claw on each tentacle which are the seats. Want to experience the real horror sit in these chairs and fixed them, and then turning the console makes the carousel 20 m outside the tower.

At this point the feeling of direct participants of the incident were immediately multiplied by a 300-meter height. But that’s not all! After you have been out of the Stratosphere, the carousel begins to spin, the speed when it reaches 65 km/h. At the same time, chairs are pushed back smoothly, approaching the horizontal position. So, happy passengers experience g-forces of about 3g and can see the land, which is at a distance of slightly less than 300 m.

Adds excitement to the fact that the seat on this crazy merry-go-round is completely open and extreme sports lovers have the opportunity to fully experience the charm of a free rotation over a giant precipice. Sensations inexpressible!

XSCREAM – trailer

This ride is the youngest and is below the first two – at an altitude of only 264 m But despite this little «XSCREAM» is the title of the most high-rise swings in the world. This small trailer is considered the most dangerous distraction. Why? Judge for yourself:

  • relatively large and quite heavy structure teetering at a considerable height;
  • passengers in fixed seats, but the trailer remains open;
  • when all the above conditions, the carousel starts to move over the precipice, quickly accelerates and brakes sharply;
  • during braking the nose of the trailer turns beyond the front edge of the slats.

Here you can feel all-consuming fear and «reward» myself with new phobia. Trailer XSCREAM is the most terrible and dangerous attraction to not only hotel-casino stratosphere in Las Vegas», but around the world. By the way, all three of the attractions located in this structure, the trailer is the least popular. A little weird, isn’t it?

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