The most dangerous plants

The esoterics say that the plants are not always able to bring home positive energy. Some types of plants that are dangerous to humans and its health. Some of them are able to bring home the lack of money, others can cause health issues, and others – to give his mistress «the crown of celibacy».

Dangerous flowers

But it must be remembered that conclusive evidence, these signs do not have. And so: whether to believe them or not, each person can decide for himself.

Pike tail (Teschin language)

One of the most dangerous houseplants, according to the esoteric, there is a pike’s tail or as it is called «Teschin language.» This name he received because of the long leaves, which in their form resemble language. The scientific name of this plant – sansevieriya. Esotericism argue that sansevieriya can spoil the life of any family.

Teschin language is not recommended by esoteric

They say that mother language is the «Apple of discord» for the family. He is the instigator of quarrels, scandals and quarrels in the family. Sansevieriya absorbs the negativity that comes from the evil of gossip and gossip. And then begins abundantly to allocate all this negativity on residents.

But this can be avoided if you rearrange Teschin language to another place. It is not advisable to put this plant in the rooms where you sleep or rest. But if you put sansevieriya in living room, hall or the loggia, the energy of this plant take on a completely opposite properties. Sansevieriya will be a faithful protector against evil tongues. She will clean the house from evil thoughts, sharp statements and rash actions. And will become a real talisman.

The ivy (Hedera)

One of the most dangerous indoor plants is ivy. The scientific name of this plant – header. Men and ivy, according to esoterics, cannot exist together in the same house. They believe that ivy is an agent provocateur of conflicts in the family and can ruin even the strongest marriage. Do not get along with this herb does not only men, but also adult sons. They try as soon as possible to leave the parental home.

Ivy header scares men

In addition, ivy is an energy vampire. He can freely suck out human energy. The person may experience malaise, headache. But if the human body is already weakened, it can lead to more serious consequences.

But the esoterics say that if you put the ivy and such plants like dracaena or dieffenbachia, its negative effect is completely stopped. Dracaena and dieffenbachia can take all the negative energy ivy. The ivy can turn into a true friend. If there are any problems or wanted to get rid of bad habits, you need to tell ivy. Help guaranteed.


Monstera – known energy vampire. Do not put this plant in places of rest and sleep. Monstera in one night can suck all the positive energy of the person.

The monster sucks people's energy

Esoterics believe that the home where there is peace and goodness, monstera will highlight the negative energy. It will fill the house with energy irritability, nervousness and will bring in all the discord. If monstera growing in the house, where complete disorder, it begins to act the opposite. In this case it takes away all the negative energy and promotes the settlement of conflicts in the family.


Long been known that cacti can help fight radiation, so they are often put near TV sets or computers. But esoterics claim that this prickly creation is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. They believe that the cactus has a negative impact on men’s health (sexual potency), so in the bedroom it doesn’t belong. In addition, this plant ready to bring the men to drink.

Cactus provokes drunkenness

To avoid this, you need to buy cacti in a pair and put them next to each other. Then they are of no harm to bring will not.


Violet is the flower of prosperity. It has a positive effect on the relationship between a man and a woman. Violet is called «Bereginya family happiness.» But only if they are to enjoy with family and friends.

Violet is the guardian of the family hearth

It is not necessary to show violets strangers who are able to envy family happiness. In this case, the effect of violets can become the opposite. So, either you have to hide them from prying eyes, or even keep in the house.

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