The most dangerous places on the planet

Since its birth the person does not cease to study your space house. And yet on Earth there are still thousands of unexplored places with their riddles and mysteries that we have yet to learn. And not all of them are charming, beautiful and safe. For example, one of those places that we have already studied, there are, when you go out, you should prepare a will.

Desert, Danakil. Ethiopia

Austina, Danakil

The photographs of tourists who dared to look into one of the most dangerous places on the planet, you can see the bright colorful scenery is quite peaceful at first glance, the earth’s landscape. But all this diversity is to check the enormous acidic lakes, located between the volcanoes, and then threatening to spew lava. Add to this picture the extreme heat common to the African deserts, the almost complete absence of oxygen, sulphurous fetid discharge, and you likely do not want even for bright photos to come here.

Another danger for the inexperienced traveler can be met with local tribes, quite aggressive towards strangers.

Fire mountain in Indonesia

Vognyana mountain

Volcano Fire on the mountain» as proof that our planet is alive, and in it constantly there are some processes every day in one way or another expresses its power. A small eruption or a huge amount of smoke rising up to 3km. – a common phenomenon here. To live near this active volcano is very dangerous, but despite this directly on one of its slopes quite well, there is a settlement with 200 inhabitants. Apparently the story of the eruption in 1930, which claimed the lives of thousands of people, teaches nothing. Yes, and many tourists, for the sake of curiosity who come here every year, constantly increasing the sad statistics, trying to get the most spectacular photos.

Snake island

Snake island

On this island, located in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Brazil, not settle, local residents and are not tourists. If such a tour possible, it is likely that it will be your last journey in this life. On arrival you will be bitten by one, and maybe multiple at a time, poisonous snakes, of which there are up to five pieces per square meter. The island is the most natural serpentarium on the planet, and officially closed to the public.

National Park «South Luangwa» Zambia

National Park Zambia

Among the most dangerous places on Earth not to mention national Park in Africa where a lot of animals that threaten human life, including the ferocious hippopotamus, from the aggressive actions which annually kills up to 200 people.

The Coast Of California. USA

The Coast Of California

Not the best way to end a boat trip along the California coast, especially if you wish to surf. The very real situation when you for dinner wish to eat one of the many white sharks, in countless numbers swarm here. In fairness it should be noted that fatalities for the last 6-th decades, there are only 13. But the number of maimed sharp teeth of this sea monster, no one thought, so it is better to steer clear of this place. In Russia, too many places where people at every turn waiting for the danger. The people called these places were a death trap. Quite true and scientific explanation for what happens here, events are also.

Death Valley. Kamchatka

Death valley

The neighborhood around kikhpinych volcano, located in Kamchatka, can be safely attributed to the most dangerous places on the planet. Numerous hot springs are also a source of toxic fumes, inhalation of which can easily die. The area that in people is called «death Valley», is located at the foot of the volcano. There are often lost hunters, tourists, scientists, and wild animals, of not knowing accidentally came here. They were poisoned cyanide compounds floating in the air.

The mountain of the dead

The Dyatlov Pass

Tragically famous place, where inexplicable anomalous phenomena that has been dubbed the Mountain of the dead or the Dyatlov Pass». This is the most dangerous place on the planet in the Northern part of the Urals, known primarily for the large number of unexplained deaths. In addition to the tragically famous research group of Dyatlov, for unknown reasons, here found their death and numerous hunters and tourists who dared to disturb someone’s peace. Several aircraft that fly over this territory, has also not completed its mission.

The mystery of this place to unravel while nobody could. Local residents are asked not to look here for their own safety.

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