The most dangerous insect in the world

Our planet is inhabited by billions of insects. Some of them are pretty cute and even ugly-looking individuals can pose serious danger to humans. But there is absolute contrary to them, the world of insects, which, despite its small size, can cause different epidemics and diseases, presenting to a person a huge threat. Besides the most dangerous in the world insects can directly harm human health, because the stings of these creatures are deadly to life. So, which insects can obtain the title of «the most dangerous insect in the world»?

1 the Human botfly

The human gadfly

Varieties of horseflies are many, but they all share the fact that they have a commitment to a particular flesh, where they (and their larvae) will eat and grow. It is clear that the maggot of the human bot fly gets into the human body and chooses a place that bites. That is, he makes his way to his «home» in which he to full maturity and turning into a real gadfly will to live. In the human body, the larvae of the bot fly can get through the bites of mosquitoes or midges, of which the gadfly lays its eggs. You cannot see the larvae until it reach impressive sizes, and the consequences of the implementation of the gadfly in the human body can be quite dangerous.

2 Africanized honey bee

Africanized Medov of Bjala

This bee was created, not mother nature, a us botanist who set out to create a bee that could live in absolutely any environment. He did it – such bees, which are as in appearance do not differ from the ordinary European bees, can live in conditions of desert, and jungle environments. Due to the special natural adaptability of these insects are well developed, and occupy more territories.

Their distinctive feature is a very aggressive behaviour if ordinary bees give opportunity to the detractors to leave on good terms, Africanized honey did not hesitate to rush to attack and persecute people for several kilometers away from their hives. In addition, they attack in a huge swarm, causing the person that decided to approach them, a considerable number of bites. Therefore, from these bees better stay a mile away, especially those people who are allergic to insect bites.

3 the tsetse Fly

The tsetse fly

This fly does not differ almost from usual – the only difference is in the particular manner of adding the wings, and a longer proboscis. But if the normal flies do not bring much harm to humans, tsetse is one of the world’s most dangerous insects, because it promotes the infection of human sleeping sickness. The cure for this disease, which is accompanied by disorders in the nervous system, not yet invented, so to fight it pretty hard. The only solution so far is the reduction in the number of males that will reduce the fly population.

4 Anopheles mosquito

Anopheles mosquito

About the danger of the malarial mosquito, probably, heard many. He is a carrier of malaria parasites that cause malaria. This disease particularly affected the inhabitants of Africa, mortality from the disease ranges from 1000000 to 3000000 people a year. Malaria particularly affects children, whose age has not reached five years of age.

5 Brazilian wandering spider

The Brazilian wandering spider

The venom of this spider is deadly to humans, therefore, among all known species of spiders this is one of the most dangerous. The bite of the Brazilian traveler, a person experiences severe pain and spasm of the muscles, and deteriorates the operation of all systems and organs. Can occur heart failure, and all ends in death.

6 Giant Asian hornet

The giant Asian hornet

Such a giant bite which does not compare to the sting of a wasp or bee, can be found in Japan or East Asia. Eyewitnesses compare the sting of this hornet with rammed in the leg with a hot nail. Poison one of the world’s most dangerous insects is not for the average person is fatal, but causes a lot of pain. But people with allergies such hornet can be deadly. Interestingly, that same insect, at length reaches five inches, uses to attack the enemy not only sting, but their large jaws. Attack people or animals only in case of threat to his life.

7 Lonomia


This caterpillar, which is called «dangerous beauty» produces a number of toxins which can easily kill a man. The locals call it still «lazy clown» that does not reflect its essence – it is person to touch one such a beautiful track, and begin bleeding the skin kidneys. Touch to a greater number of caterpillars can cause immediate brain hemorrhage.

8 Androctonus


This Scorpion, which lives in arid parts of Africa and the Middle East, is one of the most poisonous. Neurotoxins contained in the venom, can cause irreparable harm to the person or may not kill him. In length androctonus reaches ten centimeters, the year he is able to kill with his poison dozens of people.

9 Deer tick

Deer tick

This mite is a vector of Lyme disease, which is accompanied by fever, headache and disruption of the heart and blood vessels. The bite of this insect often does not end with the death bite, but the after effects of unpleasant encounters with this tick can be many years.

10 Fire ants

Bognanni of Moraga

These ants received their name due to the action of the sting, which resembles the burn of the flame. To meet these ants can be around the world. They have a strong sting, which allowed to deal with the threat. Often, after the bite of this ant are quite serious consequences. For example, there are cases when from the bite of a fire ant people have go into anaphylactic shock, and then everything ends in death.

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