The most dangerous food in the world

There are foods that may pose a serious threat to the life and health of a person. As a rule, they are very expensive because their preparation are permitted only upscale chefs. Offer to meet with the rating of the most dangerous dishes in the world.

10. Escamoles


To enjoy this dish in Mexico. The danger begins even from the moment of obtaining ingredients. For the local people to catch poisonous black ants. The danger lies in the fact that they are aggressive and attack divers. Meals needed for their eggs, called Liometopum. Extraction fried in butter or stewed. Served separately or together with black ants.

9. Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu

The dish is a sheep’s milk cheese which is filled with larvae. He prohibited the sale, and you can buy it in Italy. The larvae of the cheese provide a special softness. They reach a length of 1 cm and not completely digested, so is a taster of suffering digestive disorders and vomiting.

8. Poisonous jellyfish

Troina Medusa

In size it is huge and inhabits the waters of Japan. Catch it began due to the fact that she hunt for tuna and interrupts the supply of this fish. To prepare the delicacy, you must first remove the poisonous parts.

7. Fruit Aki

Fruit Aki

It looks like a pear, it is eaten separately or added to Jamaican cuisine. The danger is in the correct harvest time. The fruit must be ripe, otherwise it will not be revealed, and will see its seeds that contain the poison.

6. A-ping


Originally this dish is from Cambodia, and to prepare it you need spiders. Suitable for this purpose is only poisonous tarantulas. Before serving, the cook removes them from the fangs. It is best to use tarantulas that lived in the wild. A-ping – a fried spider, seasoned with salt and garlic.

5. Bullfrog


Frog legs is no surprise. They learned to cook in many countries of the world. But the inhabitants of Namibia prefer to use a frog-a bull. It is quite dangerous because its organs are poisonous. If it is bad to clean a turtle, you can get serious liver problems.

4. Cassava


It is a plant that grows in Africa. It is made of flour or a separate dish. The danger lies in the fact that not washed the roots and leaves of cassava will lead to death. This happens because they contain large amounts of cyanide.

3. San NAK JI


This dish is included in the rating of the most dangerous dishes in the world for several reasons. First, the use of cooking octopus. The second danger lies in the feeding dishes. It bring customers crude. Eating needs to bite off a tentacle of an octopus, then swallow or chew. As a result, about 8 people a year die from this dish.

2. Harkala


This is a wonderful dish to try in Iceland. Its peculiarity is that it is cooked from the meat of the Greenland shark. In addition to the high cost for a filet this fish, it still has a large content of ammonia, since it does not have the function of urination. Before cooking, the meat undergoes special processing. This process has been delayed for more than 4 months. If you eat improperly prepared harkala, it will lead to severe poisoning and then death.

1. Fukusaki


Taste of the deadly fish in Japan. Improper preparation will cause the taster paralysis that ends in death. The variety of fugues only experienced chefs. In fact, the meat is absolutely safe for humans, the poison is contained in liver, eggs, gallbladder and skin. If you manage to try the fillet of the Fugue, you will be struck by its unearthly flavor.

If you decide to try something from the most dangerous dishes, then be prepared for an unforgettable taste sensations.

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