The most dangerous disease in the world

Medicine does not stand still, and today doctors are able successfully to heal people from diseases that have relatively recently been treated. However, still remain the most dangerous in the world, diseases that put the human that got infected with a terrible virus, the suffering and claimed millions of lives. The situation is further complicated by the fact that many viruses and bacteria are constantly evolyutsioniruet, creating obstacles for scientists when creating life-saving drugs. Let us consider the most dangerous disease in the world which does not wish even the enemy.


Cell of HIV in human blood

The acquired immune deficiency syndrome has become a scourge of the 20th and then 21st centuries. To date, this disease still has no cure, because the cure for it is not invented. Virus (HIV), which is the cause of the disease, was opened in last century (early seventies), but the study of it is continuous to this day. AIDS severely weakens the human immune system, as a result, the body is unable to fight diseases. The patient may even die from the common cold. As a rule, from the moment of infection the disease develops within 5-10 years.

At first AIDS was considered «shameful» disease (related to drug addiction, prostitution) and a little about it earlier, but the situation has gradually changed and increasingly has become a go-propaganda against this disease. This disease currently infected more than 40000000 people of the whole world. But some people do not even suspect the existence of such disease, therefore it is considered that the number of diabetics much more. This is not to say that medicine has not reached results – albeit small, but they are. For example, developed antiviral drugs, which allows to extend the life of the person with AIDS.



This is the most dangerous in the world, the disease has claimed the lives of a huge number of people on our planet. Is medieval, as is described in ancient Indian texts and the Chinese. Only in the last century from smallpox died about 500000000 people. No wonder it causes great fear among the people, because of this disease people just rot alive. Mortality from smallpox ranges from 20 to 90 percent. Those who survived smallpox, «was awarded the» blind and terrible scars throughout the body surface.

Today it is believed that smallpox was eradicated through vaccination in the early eighties of the last century. However, the smallpox virus is at the moment in the laboratories of our country and the United States. He is very tenacious and can survive in frozen years. Therefore the disease remains a scary and dangerous.



This disease, also called «swamp fever», is known to mankind for a long time. The infection transmitted through mosquito bites. The disease progresses quite rapidly, accompanied by chills, fever and fever, anemia and increase of internal organs (spleen and liver). Thank God, this disease is not found in our latitudes, but it is prevalent in African countries (especially in backward areas where no clean water to drink, normal living conditions and proper medical care). Therefore, in Africa the mortality from this disease very high – annually exposed to malaria 500000000 millions of inhabitants of Africa, and killed more than 3000000 people. This disease generally die much more people than from AIDS (15 times).

Bubonic plague

Doctor in a mask, who is visited by a patient with bubonic plague

This disease, which was called the «black death», literally «decimated» half the population of medieval Europe. That is why it is ranked as one of the world’s most dangerous diseases, which is capable of instantly killing millions of people. Mortality from this disease, which was accompanied by swollen lymph nodes, fever, vomiting, blackened skin, delirium, was 99 percent. The disease did not spare anyone – neither children nor adults.

Even the doctors were afraid of this terrible plague, as also quickly become infected. Therefore, to the sick the doctors began to walk in special masks with a beak, which put a scented substance, which was thought to protect from the nasty smell. This odor, according to doctors, caused the contamination. Therefore, in order to ensure the greatest possible protection, the doctor sewed a special coat of heavy fabrics, impregnated with wax.

Victory over the plague was reached in the 19th century when the cause was discovered by the microbiologist Yersin. He found that the cause of the infection are the bites of fleas infected animals. And today recorded cases of plague, but the disease can be successfully cured with antibiotics, but requires constant supervision.

Spanish flu


At the beginning of the 20th century, the disease has claimed the lives of many people on Earth (from 20000000 up to 59000000 according to various estimates). «Spanish flu» was called because of the place of its initial appearance – it was massively infected in Spain. The soldiers of the First World War tried to protect themselves from disease using masks, but it helped a little weakness, sore throat and joints, fever, has symptoms of the flu caught up with them. The disease disappeared as quickly as it had begun (after 18 months). No one could discover its cause, but modern scholars have concluded that caused «Spanish flu» the same H1N1 flu virus, which a few years ago were noisy press (avian and swine flu). We can say that the flu should be included in the list of the world’s most dangerous disease, as it too can lead to death.



We can safely call this disease «weapons of mass destruction». Just a few days cholera can lead to death. If you do not have an infected person medical care within three hours, that person will not diarrhea, nosebleeds, seizures, vomiting, and it all ends with death. Thus, mortality from this disease is high, but to protect themselves from cholera can compliance of sanitary rules of hygiene and the consumption of clean water. Also nowadays with cholera can be successfully treated with antibiotics.


Pulmonary tuberculosis

Is a very dangerous infectious disease that most often affects the lungs and kills a huge number of people. Considered a disease of people of low social status. Not advanced forms of the disease is treatable, though it takes quite a long time. Running form often leads to death.



Also called «elephant disease», because people can turn into the elephant-like monster. This disease is exotic and is found in the tropics of Africa. Cause disease parasitic worms. It goes through several stages – first a small swelling, which then becomes a shapeless mass on the human body. Treated surgery and lymph massages are available.


Cancer cells

Cancer is a terrible disease because of its unpredictability. Each year, the diagnosis of cancer is about 14000000 people on the planet. This is a disease of uncontrolled cell division that causes tumors in the organs and tissues of the body. Scientists still can not understand the cause of this disease and how to protect themselves from it.



For the first time this hemorrhagic fever was recorded in 1976 in Zaire). Since then Ebola breaks out periodically, taking many lives. Infection occurs from contact with sick people or animals (through body fluid). So, in 2014, the Ebola virus caused a lot of noise and brought fear to the entire population of our planet. Thousands died and many more were infected – this is the result of the manifestation of the virus. And how to treat it, is still unknown – the cure scientists have not yet invented. And who is considered to be fairly young disease threat to the world.

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