The most dangerous cities of Russia

The huge size of Russia has always contributed to the high rates of domestic tourism are among of the biggest countries in the world hides a lot of wonderful places to visit which leaves an excellent impression. However, there are places that travelers visit quite dangerous. As a rule, those cities in which, due to various reasons, a significantly increased level of crime compared to the average in the country. But the relevant research is conducted regularly, and who is always available a list of those Russian cities that you can visit is fraught with the greatest danger.

1. Perm


One of the largest cities of the Urals long ago appeared in the rankings of most dangerous cities in Russia and today takes first place in it. Million population of the city used to local realities, but every tourist should preserve in Perm constant vigilance, and in the evening and at night avoid deserted places – namely theft, robbery and assault are the major crimes in the criminal capital of Russia. 10 thousand male in Perm have 700 crimes annually.

2. Tyumen


The first Russian town in the heart of cold Siberia occupies the second place in the ranking of the most dangerous settlements. In recent years, the development of Tyumen and population growth have reached a milestone in the city began to flock financial flows a greater volume from the entire region. The system of law of the city is quite developed, so that the number of street crimes have dropped significantly. However, the attackers successfully apply more sophisticated methods – planned corporate raids aimed at obtaining a criminal by legal sources of income. Capturing the enterprise that criminals use his connection and established channels of delivery of contraband of various groups of goods. Similar to solve crimes very hard, which adversely affects the criminal statistics of the region, in which particularly serious crimes are very few.

3. Berezniki


The second largest city in Perm region supports an adverse criminal statistics of the district centre. This is due to the demographic situation and the location of some objects in the vicinity of the town are two penitentiaries, and the population of birch on three-quarters of pensioners. A large number of potential criminals, combined with a population that can’t fight back the bandits and is a deplorable crime statistics in the city. In addition, in birch bad environmental situation, lack of jobs with decent pay, which further pushes the inhabitants of the city and neighborhoods on crime. Due to the medium-sized cities, state law enforcement officers it is quite small and manpower is just not enough to prevent a huge number of crimes.

Statistics show that most crimes in birch – robbery, petty theft, disorderly conduct and fights, often committed in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Disclosure of such cases is easy, but it spoils the statistics the number of crimes.

4. Achinsk


The city distant from the center part of Krasnoyarsk Krai occupies the fourth place. Medium or low performance of the economy, demography, health and the environment played a role in the development of crime Achinsk. Statistics show that the majority of criminal cases connected with sale and use of drugs flowing into the city from the South-West. Large crimes often involve complex tracking systems of delivery, distribution and transportation of drugs, and the classical scheme of petty crimes in Achinsk – any criminal offence committed by addicts the purpose of obtaining money to purchase drugs.

5. Surgut


The largest city in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area has long been famous crime center of Russia. Most often in Surgut recorded crimes related to robberies and thefts of various sizes. Unfortunately, the number of assaults and murders not far behind. Surgut is a city of youth with the main part of the population under 35, against this background, in cases of conflicting national, religious and cultural reasons are pretty common. As a result, it often starts a large number of criminal cases of infliction of bodily damage easy character to group kills using various weapons.

One study of a group of experts of the Department of sociology was dedicated to the rankings of the most peaceful and safe cities of Russia, which committed the fewest crimes.

1. Ryazan — 7,8/1 thousand.


Today Ryazan is living a peaceful life and keeps its doors open to tourists. At the end of last century, the city has not expired redistribution of ownership of the local criminal clans, but then all the conflicts subsided, the most dangerous part of the bandits found refuge in correctional institutions, and the most intelligent and cautious of the funds received inverted in a perfectly legal business. In Ryazan sufficiently well established health and realized the economic potential of city – to find a job with an average wage level is easy.

2. Ulyanovsk — 11,3/1 thousand.


One of the safest cities in the European part of Russia occupies the second place ranking. The multinational composition of Ulyanovsk with representatives of all the peoples of the Volga region live surprisingly peacefully, conflicts on ethnic, religious and cultural background almost does not register. The city authorities are willing to support innovations that promote a healthy lifestyle in the Ulyanovsk priority was introduced by the then experimental a ban on the sale of spirits. In addition, the city has a peaceful political environment and the absence of major disturbances. Crime in Ulyanovsk are more official character than the frankly criminal.

3. Voronezh — 11,5/1 thousand.


Not so long ago crossed the threshold of one million inhabitants, Voronezh is still largely the impression of the same nondescript regional center with a population of several hundred thousand inhabitants. Program development of the city founded long ago, but their implementation will take time, and while in Voronezh low by the standards of cities with populations of over 1 million income, high poverty and a large proportion of elderly people. In Voronezh, a sufficient number of jobs, however, find a paying job is very difficult – the number of sentences corresponding to the middle of town, faced with the demand of the cities. However, the total number of crimes remains low – just 11.5 per thousand inhabitants, with the majority of crimes are not of a heavy nature.

4. Saint Petersburg to 12.0/1 thousand.

Saint Petersburg

The second largest city of Russia do not require a detailed description. Saint Petersburg is in all respects a developed city, proudly carries the honor of the Northern capital and one of the symbols of the Russian Federation. Cultural center, an industrial giant, one of the largest ports and a city of military glory, for many years, forging the most hardened fighters of the Russian army and Navy – all in Saint Petersburg.

The unemployment rate in the city has one of the lowest in the country – is due to the fact that the industrial and scientific potential created during Soviet times, not sold and scattered to the winds, and preserved and upgraded to the highest modern standards. In addition, Saint-Petersburg, as before, is one of the most attractive cities to start and grow your business. Once the city was the crime capital of the North, and today maintains one of the highest rates of crime reduction.

5. Penza — 12,9/1 thousand.


A quiet provincial town retains its appearance in all – stable growth rates in all industries, upgrade the housing stock and transport infrastructure, active integration of modern technologies in all spheres of activities. Usually Penza looks like there is simply no time to commit crimes on the street a lot of elderly people, may even seem a predominance of residents of retirement age, but it is a visual deception. The main number of inhabitants of Penza – the youth, who was busy with her studies and work. To be deceived a peaceful picture should not have prone to crime institutions need to be careful, however, in General the crime rate in the city is quite small and overall performance is one of the last places in Russia.

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