The most dangerous cities in the world

The modern world beckons travelers with nature’s beauty, culture of different countries – a fairly affluent set myself the goal to visit as many different countries and cities. But there are some cities and even countries, a visit to which is highly undesirable and dangerous to life, because in the criminal capitals of the disappearance and death of individuals no one cares. Fortunately, the rating of these cities have long been drawn, and its tip is provided below.

San Pedro Sula (Honduras) is 169 killed/100 thousand.

San Pedro Sula

Honduras has always been considered a very dangerous country, but San Pedro Sula – uniqueness, even by local standards – are the only officially recorded 169 deaths of a violent nature on 100 thousand inhabitants. This situation is due to the catastrophic poverty – below live more than 70 percent of citizens and any foreigner is perceived only as a living wallet, the tool for a while to fix your financial situation. Not surprisingly, one of the most profitable local classes – gangsterism and drug trafficking. The killings are daily in nature, but statistics says that over time the total number of murders is growing.

Maceio, Brazil – 135 killed/100 thousand.


The population of Maceio exceeds 1.1 million, the staff of law thousands of people, but the capital of Alagoas is still a valid criminal capital of Brazil, taking it’s not exactly an honorary title in Rio De Janeiro. The beauty of the Brazilian jungle can scare the person dangerous animals, poisonous reptiles and plants, but the concrete jungle of the slums Maceio many times more dangerous. Poverty and hopelessness always pushes people to terrible things – nothing has changed in this time. Once here, better pretend to be poor – otherwise the chances of returning home alive are significantly reduced.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – 130 killed/100 thousand.

Ciudad Juarez

Mexico has always occupied a high place in the rankings of crime, while Ciudad Juarez is considered one of the cradles of the local criminal world. Beautiful nature and great cultural heritage of ancient civilizations are almost invisible for the horrors that are happening on the dirty narrow streets. The chairmen of the local criminal clans engaged in an ongoing war for the redistribution of property and new sources of income, as a result of bloody clashes innocent people are suffering. Ciudad Juarez refers to those places that is better in the eyes never see.

Caracas, Venezuela – 130 killed/100 thousand.


Quite a bit of the three leaders of the rating inferior to the Venezuelan capital — Caracas. The city is open to tourists but still on the entry of aliens warn of what dangers can turn a simple visit. If the center of the capital opened crimes are committed not so often, as the distance to the suburban wilds of the criminal world really flourishes.

In the narrow, dirty streets often heard gunshots, some owners of street benches where concealed carry weapons, at the cost of life ready to defend their goods. A crowd of local children hiding in corners, trying to pull any bad lying piece of all that is of any value. On the thrones of the local criminal underworld are sitting heads of numerous cartels waging war over the channels of drug sales across the border.

Acapulco, Mexico – 128 killed/100 thousand.


Beautiful sand and Sunny beaches of Acapulco night absorbed a lot of blood – it is through the popular resort are the hidden ways of deliveries of drugs from South and Central America in the United States. At night numerous stores Acapulco turn into a transit point for hundreds of kilos of drugs, which are bloody billions of dollars. The local population is accustomed to just that would scare most ordinary people, and death here – a frequent guest on all the streets.

A group of independent experts from the Economist Intelligence Unit found out which cities in the world have the greatest level of overall security, it is the same for permanent residence or short-term tourist visit. Took into account the reliability of roads and buildings, ecology, protection of personal and digital space. The result was formed the following list

1. Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo (Japan)

The winner of the rating was not unexpected – Japan is famous for one of the highest levels of safety and low crime rates, and the capital of the country is the concentration of the means providing security to the common man, whether a native or a tourist. In Tokyo, the probability to encounter violent crime are incredibly low – even if the person will behave openly provocative, is the first to react by local law enforcement. Japan’s capital has long established itself as one of the best and most safest cities to visit.

2. Singapore


The highest population density and the mixing of many races, cultures, customs and beliefs generally lead to an increase in crime, but Singapore has managed to create exceptions to this trend. The level of violent crime here is very small, and the representatives of different cultures rarely collide. This is due to a fairly severe punishment and heavy fines even for minor hooliganism and serious crime (e.g. drug trafficking) here can lead to the death penalty. Therefore, Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world.

3. Osaka (Japan)

Osaka (Japan)

In one of the largest cities in Japan fully implemented the total for the country high safety standards. Crime here is negligible, and the level of personal and Internet security Osaka is in the top three world leaders.

4. Stockholm (Sweden)

Stockholm (Sweden)

The capital of Sweden maintains high standards, becoming the only city not from Asia which entered the top five with the highest rates of personal safety. However, Stockholm only at a decent level shares a common Swedish standards of excellent environmental performance, high level of health care development. Individual cases of violent crime in migrant populated areas, but the overall picture does not change – Stockholm remains a safe and very enjoyable city to live.

5. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The capital of the Netherlands has long occupied a high position in the rankings of the safest cities, there were always popular bikes and in recent years Amsterdam has entered the cohort of world leaders in the number of electric vehicles. Breathe in the city really easily, and not legalizing marijuana is the reason, but a huge number of green spaces. In Amsterdam a very low level of violent crime and traffic accidents. Personal safety also meets the highest standards, and especially the Dutch capital was marked as one of the safest cities for women.

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