The most dangerous airports in the world

There are many people who are afraid to fly. The most tense moments of the flight are takeoff and landing. We will talk about an additional risk factor — the most dangerous airports in the world, so you know where the passengers are guaranteed to spike in adrenaline in the blood and even because of difficult natural conditions.

Juancho E Yrausquin on Saba

400 meters of the runway as the aircraft carrier, make this airport one of the most dangerous in the world. To get at the incredibly beautiful island in the Caribbean is difficult — high cliffs and steep slope, which leads to the ocean, surround the airport. The error in the calculations can lead to irreparable, and the size of aircraft depends if he can land safely. Great planes way here ordered, and small, like a Cessna, sitting here, very much at risk in strong winds and bad weather. Therefore, the airport officially closed and only occasionally the civil aviation authority makes an exception.


Barra in Scotland

And here is non-existent runway, rather they are sandy and most of the time under sea water. Small capacity iron birds sit directly on the beach, and only during low tide. In those 3-4 hours a day when possible fit, range of motion is very intense, in a few minutes. Night only the lights from passing on the road cars will tell the pilot the path of landing. And for lovers of romantic walks on the beach put fences and special signs that warn that their heads can land the plane.


Gustav III in the Caribbean

On a small island landing is incredibly difficult because of the narrow gorge where the aircraft. Approaching close to the slopes, first they run the risk of falling into the water, and then crossing the road to catch the wheels of the roofs of passing cars. So landing on a short (640 m) runway, all the passengers are greeted with incredibly thunderous applause and sighs of relief.


Airport in Antarctica, near the McMurdo station

There’s no shortage of space — the length of the runway allows landing even a giant aircraft. The feature of this airport is that the coating used is not concrete and asphalt, and the carefully stacked blocks of ice. When the sunlight begins to sink to melt the snow or ice, there is a risk that the aircraft during landing will break cover and roll. So his condition monitored carefully.


Toncontin in Honduras

In the capital of this country is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. It was built back in 1934, when planes didn’t need a long runway ( its length is about 2000 meters). Only one way for landing and departure, through a valley surrounded by mountains – it’s not enough that the flight was safe. Pilots have to make sharp turns at an angle of 45 degrees and well, now that they come to the aid navigation. In 2008 there was another crash with fatalities.

Tonkontin in Honduras

Princess Juliana in the Caribbean

International airport located on the Island of Saint Martin. The entrance to the landing area is very low — the runway (2130 metres) starts at tens of meters from the beach, and tourists are forced to witness and even feel the full power of jet engines flying over the heads of tourists. Sand storms and scattered on the beach things – the usual phenomenon here, but there are people who come here just for this.

- Princesa-Julian

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