The most common surname in Russia

Speaking about the most common in our country name, many people think that the leader of the last name Smith. However, there will be some confusion, because the most common surname in Russia is absolutely not this.

The most popular in the world

The most common surname in Russia is not Ivanov

According to the ranking regarding names that have a prevalence around the world, the situation is as follows:

  1. Or
  2. Zhang
  3. Van
  4. Nguyen
  5. Garcia
  6. Gonzalez
  7. Hernandez
  8. Smith
  9. Smirnov
  10. Miller

Bruce Lee - the owner of the the most common names

So we see that in the names of the most popular in the world first listed. In all the planet of the holders of such has more than 100000000 people. Moreover, the bulk of them live in China, however, there are many Vietnamese with this surname. We all know one of these people, a reformer in the Chinese martial arts and actor Bruce Lee.

Such common surname in the world is Zhang and Wang. The first of these is recognized as the most ancient on Earth, for the first time about the family name Zhang was mentioned more than 4000 years ago. And yet twenty years ago it was very popular until it was bypassed last name. In our time on Earth, there are about 100000000 people with that name. Those who carry the surname Wang, is somewhat less – about 93000000 people. In antiquity and the middle ages, the prefix van meant the title of Chinese, Korean or Mongolian ruler.

Popular Russian names

The formation of Russian names

On the territory of our country, you can often find a person with the surname Smirnov, which is located in ninth place in the global list of names. Surnames the rating of our compatriots as follows:

  1. Smirnov
  2. Ivanov
  3. Popov
  4. Kuznetsov
  5. Sokolov
  6. Lebedev
  7. Novikov
  8. Goats
  9. Morozov
  10. Petrov

Smirnov is the most common surname in Russia

And now you can easily anyone can give an answer to the question of what Russian name the most common, and not have anyone to mislead. Facts statistics available. Only in the capital of our country is home to about 70,000 Smirnov. And where did this name? Yes, everything is simple – if in a large peasant family appeared quiet and calm child, he was given a secular name Still. So gradually from this mundane name that is always remembered better than a Church name, had the surname Smirnov. Today Smirnov in our country, about 2500000 people.

The following are the most popular names in Russia is Ivanov and Popov. Last name Ivanov first was a patronymic from the name Ivan. The emphasis in the pronunciation of the names before put on the letter «a», today the emphasis is on the last syllable. Popov – not all come from families of priests. Earlier the world had a common name, Pop (Popko), and hence this name. Also, that name began to give workers the priests.

Kuznetsovym steel master blacksmith

Kuznetsov has gone from the name of the class. Previously, Smith was a respected and well-known man in the village, so ubiquitous surname Kuznetsov. By the way, the most popular in America, the Smith family name means «blacksmith». Smith worldwide population of about 4,000,000 people.

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