The most common name in the world

The name is the first thing you can tell about a person. It, with some exceptions, provide for life. Names are many, but, nevertheless, they are repeated, even in a team you can find several namesakes. Each name once at the peak of popularity, after which fashion is changing, and already another name increasingly anoint newborns. But some names remain for years a favorite among many generations. Let’s find out what the most common name in the world.

The most common name in the UK

According to one prominent Agency, at the moment the most popular name in Britain is Mohammed. It left behind such options as Daniel, Thomas and Jack. For example, in London only for 2009, there were nearly 2,000 newborns is Mohammed. And Danielle was only 800 babies. In other areas of the UK the percentage looks like Muhammad is in the lead everywhere. Only in Wales, Oliver and Jack was ahead of Muhammad.

The most common name in the UK

Interesting, but throughout Europe, the name Mohammed is just as common. Experts highlighted country: Norway, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. Given that in the middle East the name Mohammed is the undisputed leader, it is safe to present the award for the greatest distribution worldwide. According to statistics, more than 150 million people called Mohammed.

The most popular name in the world


Special popularity all over the planet is named Sophia. According to scientists this is often called girls parents in different States. Sofia often appear in Estonia, Italy, Slovakia, the Russian Federation, Mexico and Chile. In different countries the name and spelled differently, but it did not affect its prevalence.

Considering the statistics of birth rates in 49 countries, the researchers came to the conclusion that recently the name Sofia is particularly popular on five continents. In nine countries this name takes the first place in popularity, and twenty States second. Even Muslims liked that name.

The most common female name in Russia


Name of Hebrew origin, literally meaning «favor, grace», it is in some measure affects the attitude of others to the owners of that name. To some extent, may explain the popularity of this name at all times.


The name Anna is popular in many countries and it exists in many languages. Let name forms and spellings often differ from each other, however, the origin of the one. The name Anna love even in Japan and China, and in India, besides there is a masculine form of the name.

But it is unlikely that any language can compare with the Russian in the diversity derived from the name Anna. Not only as Anya, and Anya, Nura, Anya, anyutka, NUS, Anna, Asya – a list of diminutive forms can be infinite. According to statistics, in the world more than 100 million owners of the name, making it one of the the most common names on the planet. But in Russia it is very popular for many centuries.



This name is not losing ground in the popularity for many decades. It has an ancient Greek origin and means «raised» or «resurrected». First the name was only male. But soon «Anastas» and has acquired a female form, which is so loved by Russian people and is now always at the hearing. By the way, Anastasius can be found in other countries, often with a different emphasis.

Anastasia’s are affectionate and gentle disposition, they are very feminine and beautiful, with smart. The combination of sophistication and charm makes all owners of this name a real star among his peers. Anastasia often immersed in the world of dreams, their imagination, takes them away from routine dullness. Apparently, these qualities affect the popular name in Russia, lamenting because somehow my child, I want to give him the best.

The most common Eastern female name

The most common Eastern female name

In the East a very popular name Aliya is of Arabic roots. Aliya means «precious» and gives its owner a special charm and charm. Aliya since childhood, enjoys the love of others, is a beautiful girl, confident and attractive. In this wisdom, they do not occupy, and analytical mind gives them the abyss. All these qualities often lead particularly to senior positions, and in my personal life girls just don’t know problems. Not surprisingly, this name is so popular in the East!

The most popular name in Europe and America

The most popular name in Europe and America

Throughout the United States and other English-speaking countries, for some reason, enjoys a special love of the residents of the name Jane. In most cases, he is credited with a Jewish origin and it means «received God’s mercy.» By the way, this is another case where the feminine form of the male name becomes more popular than the original. Jane comes from the biblical name John. Second, but no less popular version of the origin of the name of Jane – from the French Jehanne, which in turn originates from the Greek Johannes.

What is so appealing about that name? First, the owner of this name is very beautiful and charming. They are very sensitive, often worried about nothing, but know how to maintain internal balance. Jane is usually energetic, enterprising and practical.

In the European territory often give a newborn the name of Julia. This name in Latin means «of the Julii». Independent, full of energy, irony, and fighting qualities, Julia in her youth, unable to repel the opposite sex. But over time, blossom, turn into these temptresses. And their leadership qualities are guaranteed to bring them success in career.


The most common male name in Russia

The name Alexander is rooted to the ancient Greeks and represented the defender of this man. It was the start of national love to this name, and later brought him worldwide distribution.


In all languages of the planet can be heard in different forms, derived from the name of Alexander – Iskander, Alex, Alexander, Alejandro, Xander, Sandor, Leso. In our country this name for many years one of the ten most favorite. What role was played by the Empress Catherine II, becoming named Alexander descendants of the Royal family.

Our country is not the only «fan» of this name. It is also common in Estonia, Italy and Germany, firmly sat down in the rankings in the first place. And in Sweden and Ukraine also topped the list.

There are other names that often occur in infants, this is: Ivan, Maxim, Artem, Nikita, Dmitry, Andrey, Daniil and Egor.

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