The most common metal on Earth

On our planet a lot of different metals. There are those about which few people know, but there is the most abundant metal on Earth. This metal is most often found on our planet and plays a crucial role in the development of all mankind. In our country, the most common metals production are chromium, iron and manganese. But if you take around the world as a whole, on the question of what the most common metal on Earth, can confidently answer – aluminum.

Key features of aluminium

The most abundant metal aluminium

The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust contains approximately nine percent of the total composition. This amount of metal, which was opened in 1825, is really impressive – according to scientists, even in the distant future is not expected depletion of its reserves. However, in its pure form in nature aluminium is not found – this is due to the strong chemical activity of the metal. But scientists have discovered a wealth of minerals, among which the most abundant metal present.

Aluminium is highly regarded for its properties. It is durable, plastic, light, does not cause difficulties during processing. It is resistant to corrosion, has a high degree of conduction of heat is elektroprovodka, easy to forging, rolling, stamping and welding.

The high popularity of aluminum due to its strength characteristics and a long service life. Also the metal has no harmful components, which indicates its high environmental performance.

Articles of aluminium

Presence not only in the earth’s crust

Interesting is the fact that aluminum is found not only in the Earth’s crust – there is it and in living organisms. The metal accumulates in the liver, pancreas and thyroid glands. In beef of aluminium contains roughly seventy milligrams per one kilogram.

Frequently used metal: use

Because of its pervasiveness, aluminium is widely used in different spheres of life. It is therefore hardly surprising that this silvery metal is used in various industries (aerospace, construction, automotive).

Aluminium is widely used in various industries

How many utensils are made from this wonderful metal canteens, spoons, forks, bowls, cups, etc one hundred and fifty years ago, this dish took food only the rich people, because until the end of the nineteenth century aluminium at its value exceeded even silver. This silvery metal produced not only tableware, but also jewellery, which he loved to show the world a noble person. Today from aluminum cookware everyone can, and it is not considered expensive. However, the prevalence of metal from this in no way reduced.

The features of aluminum allow you to use it almost everywhere. Mainly used alloys for applications in fields from electrical engineering to space research. Widely used aluminium for the production of explosives.

Common alloy aluminum

A common alloy is the aluminum that is used in the manufacture of fuselages and wings of aircraft. And in France there is even an ocean liner, is made entirely of aluminum – the length of such a vessel is within 300 metres. And the ship has not only an aluminum body, but many of his «inside» (the walls of the cabins, partitions, furniture) made of this silver metal.

Aluminum frame

Even relatively recently it was rare to meet aluminum Windows frame. Today is a widespread phenomenon, especially Windows with aluminum profiles are used for glazing balconies. Also, aluminum profiles used in the manufacture of advertising banners, walls, frames for pillars, etc.

Common precious metals


The leader among the precious metals as the prevalence is rhodium. It features high resistance to corrosion, chemical attack and melting. For these characteristics is in great demand in the automotive industry. Another common among the precious metals is platinum, which is used to produce jewelry.

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