The most common language in the world

Despite the fact that on Earth people speak thousands of languages of the world value have about a dozen (that they communicate 60% of the population). And the most common language of numbers is Chinese. It is home to 1.2 billion people, 15% of the world population. It is the official language of China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and part of the population of Indochina (total 30 countries).

But geographically the most widespread language is English: source you’ll find on any continent (99 countries), among 350 million people. This contributed to the dominant position of the UK in the past and nowadays political situation is that America, with its economic advantage makes it attractive to study English.


Not everyone will have the patience and effort to learn Chinese. It is quite a complex language 9 dialects (Min Nan, Jinyu, Hakka, Xiang, Gan, Ming Bay). Dialect Mandarin – most importantly, 885 million of its 1.2 billion people communicate on it. All the dialects are very different between themselves and people from different regions sometimes difficult to understand each other. Any word is indicated by the hieroglyph and its meaning depends on the context. Chetyrehdverny system, the absence of the suffixes, endings and a large number of words with the same spelling have different meanings (homonyms) is difficult to study Chinese language even more.


On the vast world wide web English main — 57% of the sites made it and only 5% in Chinese, although the number is constantly increasing. English is not going to give up their positions, but the Chinese have a huge advantage – numbers. And, with the growing economy of China may be that the Chinese language will soon be the leader in all terms.


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