The most common blood group

Perhaps, on our planet a lot of people know what their blood group. To hold such information is necessary, because in life there are different situations. For example, require urgent blood transfusion, and the doctor has no time or opportunity to find out what blood type the patient has. Therefore, from the very birth of the person define the belonging to a particular blood group. At the same time since the appearance of man on the light it does not change. What blood type is the most common? Let’s face it.

Classification of blood groups

There are four blood groups

It would seem that all the blood is exactly the same. And why do I need to divide it into groups? However, human blood must be subdivided because it may contain or lack certain antigens and antibodies to them. All we know about the four groups – the first () second () third (), fourth (AB). The letter and indicate whether human blood antigens or not.

In the process of blood transfusion can’t get it rejection, it is important to consider the compatibility of blood groups. For example, the first group is suitable for people with all other blood groups. And the second can be used for transfusions only to those people who have the second or first group of blood. Therefore, if the question arises, what blood the good, the unambiguous answer will not be – it is always important to pay attention to the compatibility of one group with another.

It is important to consider the compatibility of blood groups

Also, in addition to indicators such as blood group, it is important to pay attention to the RH factor, which is a specific protein located on the surface of red blood cells. When such a protein is present, RH factor is called positive, otherwise negative. Scientists have discovered that eighty-five percent of the people on the planet are the owners of the first RH factor.

First group: is widely found in nature

The most common blood type is a-positive

According to medical institutions, the most common blood type first. Everything on Earth is present in approximately fifty percent of people that have this group. And the rest are already in descending order. It should be noted that rarer blood group is recognized as the fourth, and it is negative. And if you take into account the RH factor, it is the most widely used is the first positive.

First blood: characteristics of people

People with first blood has high resistance to various diseases

This group is considered to be picky, but because the people who are the owners, characterized by high resistance to various diseases, exposure to infections and viruses, as well as less susceptible to negative emotions. The man with the first group of blood is often strong-willed, decisive, strong and with great confidence. People with this blood group are always on the way to victory and a great achievement. Also, this blood allows people to withstand heavy load and durable to stand up under the heavy blows of fate. In addition, people can more easily achieve successful results in sports and business.

The blood type diet is chosen

If to speak about advantage of people with first blood before meals, we can note a great love for meat, fruit and vegetables. Since this blood group gives increased risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is important to balance food and eat only healthy foods. In any case, it is important to monitor the health regardless of the type of blood that flows in the veins.

To be clear, what is your blood group and RH factor is very important when planning the birth of a baby. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy the blood of the expectant mother can «collide» with the blood of the unborn child. In this case, our medical system allows to smooth or even to prevent a similar situation. To solve such problems it is necessary to possess enough information regarding blood.

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