The most comfortable bike

The main problem with bikes is that they are uncomfortable, as they cause discomfort and fatigue. The physiological structure of the human body requires constant support posture and the locomotor mechanism, the lack of a backrest and a permanent static location leads to pain. In most cases, fatigue is manifested in the back, knees, neck and lower back. Bicycle makers solved the problem by creating a modern tricycle. The seat of this model resembles a comfortable home armchair.

Bike Trivek

Bikes from the company Trivek are tailored to the wishes of the owners. As a result of hard work of engineers got a new one called tricycle. Externally, the model resembles the child’s three-wheeled version of the bike that was for everyone, but in fact it is a modern, practical and comfortable means of transportation. If you like to ride, buy children’s bicycles in online store SPORTSMITH

The main advantage of the model lies in the boarding chair. Practical and comfortable design Trivek, allows a person to sit at a slight angle or reclining, which reduces the load on the back. As a result, the moving process does not occur discomfort and fatigue. The main working mechanism has also been completely redesigned, reducing the load to a minimum. Now the chain drive is not in the horizontal plane and vertically.


Control is by two levers that create the conditions for successful maneuvering and braking. The whole control system was copied from trikes, resulting in a bike mounted hydraulic braking system with grips. As the developers say, with the full dispersal of the tricycle it is possible to stop in less than half a second, despite the fact that it develops a sufficiently high speed.

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