The most beautiful Turkish Actresses

In each country, there are many beautiful Actresses who enchant men, and make you admire his talent. There is the most beautiful American Actresses, Actresses Turkey, India, Korea. Let’s find out what kind of women can rightfully be called beautiful Actresses in the country.

Beautiful actress of Turkey

The most beautiful Turkish Actresses can in their beauty even compete with Hollywood Actresses. The top five most beautiful Actresses of Turkey include the following:

1) The Tube Buyukustun

The Tube Buyukustun

Starred in the popular TV series «ASI», but known to viewers in other movies. Known after roles in «the Sultan Makamin.» The actress is married to actor A. Silica – couples growing daughters.

2)Birche Akali

Birche Akali

After the actress attended the Institute, began her career in the movies. Her popularity brought the film «Between heaven and earth.»

3)Berguzar Caurel

Berguzar Caurel

Since caurel was brought up in a family of actors, being an actress, she had resolved from childhood. Her most famous role is the role in «a Thousand and one nights». By the way, the filming of this movie she met her future husband.

4)Ezgi Eyuboglu

Ezgi Eyuboglu

In the most beautiful Actresses of Turkey and got this beauty, from childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina. However, life has disposed differently, and Ezgi became an actress. She became well-known thanks to the film «the Magnificent century».

5)Sereni, Sarikaya

Sereni, Sarikaya

This young and beautiful girl has already shown great promise, although it was shot very little. In 2010. received the title of «Miss Turkey».

Beautiful actress of India

If you are interested in the most beautiful Indian actress, this list includes many women of bollywood. Here are five of the most beautiful:

1)Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

A unique beauty of a woman is not only incredibly talented in the movie, but also sings beautifully. She became well-known after his debut role in «Rejected» in 2000.

2)Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

It is possible to record not only the most beautiful Actresses of India, but in the most beautiful women in the world. Debut her in 2003. («Boom»). And from that moment she was able to surprise and amaze the audience with his acting talent, playing many roles in movies.

3)Malika Sherawat

Malika Sherawat

The former model is often called bollywood sex symbol. She played roles in many bollywood hits, including her best role is the role in the film «Love interrupted flight».

4)Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

This beautiful girl is recognized as one of the most popular in India. He started his career working as a model. Debut in the film happened in 2006. And before Deepika even played for the country, participating in badminton competition.

5)Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

For a long time it was considered beautiful in bollywood. In 1994. Aishwarya won the title of «Miss World». And then she managed a career in movies and brought her worldwide popularity.

Beautiful actress of Korea

But the most beautiful Korean Actresses:

1)Song Hye-Kyo

Song Hye-Kyo

The actress, who starred in the drama: «Autumn tale», «angel», «Autumn in my heart». Part-time and even model.


Or Hani

Being an actress and singer, received in 2006. the title of «Miss Korea». Starred in the drama «Partners».

3)Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee

Is not only an actress but also as model. Played role in «love Story», «Stairway to heaven».

4)Lee Hyori

Chi Hye Ri

Actress has played a role in the drama «If in love like them», «Three leaf clover». Is also a singer in the style of hip-hop.

5)Lee Shi Yeon

Li Shi Yong

He starred in «Mischievous kiss», «Romance without rules», the «Birth of man». Also known among models and singers.

Here is the small list of Actresses around the world that really deserve to be called beautiful. And in a separate article you can learn about the most beautiful Actresses in Hollywood.

Source: Peopletalk

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