The most beautiful transvestites in the world

Flipping through the pages of fashion magazines, where we languidly look stunning beauties, very few people come to mind that some of them recently was… men. Do not believe? The most beautiful transvestites in the world, surpassed in attractiveness and charm of many women, and some of them became rather well-known personalities.

the most beautiful transvestites

Jenna Talakova (Jenna Talakova)

In October 1988, in Canada, was born a boy named Walter Talkov. No one could even imagine that one day the teenager Walter’s gonna start taking hormones and in 19 years will finally turn from cute boys into a beautiful girl. Over time, Jenna told me that in 4 years felt like a girl and stared at the boys primary school.

Jenna Talakova

Jenna Talakova gained fame due to the scandal surrounding her person at the contest «Miss universe Canada». She became a finalist, one of 65 lucky participants, when the news of her «men» of the past made a bombshell. Jenna was disqualified, citing the fact that to participate in the competition only those who has a female gender from birth. Thanks to the outcry caused by this incident, Donald trump later allowed transvestites to participate in the contest «Miss universe».

Jenna Talakova I Donald trump

Jenna believes that the disqualification had taught her to be strong and not give up, to go to the goal. Currently recognized as the beauty is preparing to release their own reality show and is actively fighting for the rights of transsexuals.

Carmen Carrera (Carmen Carrera)

The rating of «the most beautiful transvestites in the world» continues the hot latina. Carmen was born in 1985 in Puerto Rico, as Christopher Roman. The now famous model achieved its first glory, taking part in the popular TRANS-reality show «Rupaul Drag Flight», despite the fact that at that time was still a man. Because of its charm, Carmen Carrera, quickly attracted everyone’s attention and became a style icon.

Carmen Carrera

Subsequently, Carmen has shot for numerous fashion magazines, including popular magazine «W». Now the model is a transvestite participates a lot in fashion shows, acted in commercials and performing as a burlesque artist. In June 2015, Carmen Carrera became the happy wife of Richard Torres, with whom they were familiar more than 6 years.

Model Carmen Carrera

Candy Darling (Candy Darling)

Candy darling was born back in 1944 in new York, USA in the family of his father, an alcoholic. To change sex was named James Lawrence Slattery and hours sat spellbound at the TV, watching old Hollywood movies and copying the style of their favorite movie Actresses of the time.

Darling Ore

At 16, she went to the courses of cosmetology, at about the same time there was her first gay sexual experience with the seller shoes for kids in his shop». She wore women’s clothes, sat on the train to Manhattan, where all night partying with the local Bohemia.

Was there and took her fateful acquaintance with Andy Warhol, who later took her in his film «Flesh,» and gave her the starring role in the film «womanish revolt». Noticed, and from that moment began her acting career giddy – she starred in many movies, including such international stars as Sophia Loren and Jane Fonda. Candy died of leukemia at the age of 29 years, a huge crowd accompanied him on his last journey. In 2010, James Raisin made a documentary movie about this wonderful actress.

Actress Darling Ore

Janet IOC (Janet Mock)

Janet was born in 1983 in a male body and lived to 18 years under the name Charles. They lived in Honolulu Hawaii, her family was very poor — as a teenager, Janet had to earn a living by prostitution. She was the only family who entered and graduated from College.

Janet MOK

Started Janet’s IOC editor of the magazine «People», but her career was growing brightly, and rapidly. At the moment Janet MOK is a popular American writer, broadcaster, activist and journalist. On account of its own TV show and an autobiography, she is the editor of the popular magazine «Marie Claire.» Janet happily realized myself as a woman in 2014, her beloved husband Aaron Treadwell was proposed to her.

Transvestite Janet MOK

The most beautiful transvestites of America — Laverne Cox (Laverne Cox)

The name of this burning brunette at birth was Roderick Laverne Cox, who, by his own admission, never felt happy in a male body. Childhood and adolescence Laverna was difficult, full of bullying and ridicule by classmates. This so depressed the boy, 11 years old, he attempted suicide.

Laverne Cox

But all’s well that ends well, and now Laverne Cox is a recognized beauty, producer, and actress, received in 2014 for one of his roles «Emmy», and in 2015, the «Time» included her in the list of the most influential people in the world. Laverne also became the first woman-a transsexual, which had an impact as a producer and presenter of own show.

Actress Laverne Cox

The dream and the main goal Laverna Cox — to make a movie about transvestites, that the world saw them for what they are: need of understanding, protection and love — like all normal women.

Claudia Carries (Claudia Charriez)

The most beautiful transvestites periodically fall into scandal. Model Claudia Carries was a member of «America’s Next Top Model», but before the end of the show could not have succeeded. After it became clear that Claudia really the man that she kicked out with a Bang with the project.

Claudia Carries

Carries became a party to the trial – she is accused of his friend in the beating. But as it turned out during the hearing, Claudia had previously provided certain «services» and for its spotless reputation.


The most beautiful transvestites there are in South Korea. Singer Kyung-UI was quite popular artist, but always dreamed of a sex change. After medical examination he was allowed to undertake a sex-change operation.

Harisu husband

Now it is a spectacular model Harisu, which achieved extraordinary success at the world podiums and finally fulfilled his cherished dream.

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