The most beautiful Tatarka

Tatar women are known throughout the world for its infinite beauty and special attitude to life. The word husband for her — the law, through which she will never cross the moral foundations, the model of morality and peace is the Supreme value. The attitude to children and the elderly are full of confidence and heartfelt helpfulness.

What about the pretty girl with Tatar roots. You’ll never see her in a black veil, hiding all the harmony and musicality of her appearance. In the wardrobe you can find a dress embroidered appliques with a picture of the space at the bottom will be stand leather boots-readings. Tatar is always to dress in the latest fashion, but don’t forget about the sense of dignity that does not allow them to put their body on display. Your unique style is what really distinguishes Tatar girls from all others.

Below are the most beautiful Tatar according to a survey of users of the website Top-antropos».



Abramov Alsu Ralifovna was born in 1983, in her veins flows the blood of Tatar. The singer became known throughout Russia in two-thousand years, she broke into the music top charts with the song «Light in your window». Then followed the speech of the Eurovision song contest 2000 in which the artist took second place, which at that time was a very good result. Alsou is engaged not only in creative activities, in 2011, UNESCO awarded her the honorary title of «Artist for peace» for his enormous contribution to education, science and health.

Aliya Mustafina

Aliya MustafinaAliya Mustafina

Fargasova Aliya Mustafina was born in 1994 and 30 September, in the town of Yegoryevsk. Girl his whole life was devoted to the sport of gymnastics. It brought a truly major awards: at the 2012 international complex sport competitions held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee, won the gold medal on uneven bars, one silver and two bronze. In the same year it was recognized as athlete of the year in Russia. Among her achievements adorn the title of honored master of sports of Russia, multiple champion of the world.

Irina Shaykhlislamova

Irina ShaykhlislamovaIrina Shaykhlislamova

Irina Shaykhlislamova, known worldwide under the alias Sheik, was born in 1986. The girl has an extremely unusual appearance, that could not miss the photographers who caught the Shake to work in the modeling business. Irina received a great share of popularity because of its long affair with one of the best footballers in history, Cristiano Ronaldo. Thanks to this relationship and their own hard work, she began to receive only the best modeling contracts, appeared on the cover of the magazine Sport Illusrtated, which had not previously made any woman. The girl differs from the others not only interesting appearance, but also extraordinary intelligence, great sense of humor.

Chulpan Khamatova

Almost everyone in our country heard about the charity Fund «give Life». Its founder and ideological representative was an amazing woman Chulpan Khamatova. Outstanding actress domestic films was born on 1 Oct 1975. The name Chulpan in translation from the Tatar means «morning star» or «star of the dawn.

Chulpan KhamatovaChulpan Khamatova

From childhood, Julio loved to help other people, found the courage to say what was silent other, turned a blind eye to injustice and cruelty. These qualities helped the girl while building her career in the theater «Contemporary», in which she plays still. From the public has been the recognition of the award of people’s artist received in 2012.

Renata Zaynulina

Renata ZaynulinaRenata Zaynulina

Renata youth visited a model Agency. Distinguished by persistence and hard work. These traits helped her to be recognized on three beauty contest «Miss World Fashion 2012» became the winner «Beauty of Russia 2009», the girl was content with second place, «Miss Russia 2011» that took place in the final. With the growth of 177 cm Renata Zaynulina has a fantastic settings 81-61-90. At the moment, is the Director of the model school in the city of Kaluga.

Dinara Sadretdinova

Dinara SadretdinovaDinara Sadretdinova

Dinara Sadretdinova was raised in a family that upholds and reveres the traditions of the Muslim faith. All the activities of the girls is aimed at overcoming problems, abuses in Islamic culture. TV out program, where Dinara has worked as a presenter. Hallmark of other speakers there is one small detail to wear the hijab. This suggests that the Dinar is not only verbal it proves their faith, but not the fear of judgment of others, puts on the element of the Islamic world.

Lily Yamaletdinova

Lily YamaletdinovaLily Yamaletdinova

Lily Yamaletdinova – Russian model and simply beautiful. On account of a young girl for several prestigious awards: in 2009, winning the beauty contest», Guzal», in 2010 has left all her rivals behind in «Domodedovo beauty» in 2011 was one of the eight most beautiful girls in the Moscow region.

Elina Kireeva

Elina KireevaElina Kireeva

The name Elina Kireeva written in history in Golden letters. The fact that the girl managed to win the beauty contest «Beauty of Russia – 2012», it was the first of the Tatars, who managed to achieve such great success. To her Tatar girls managed to reach the final.

Aidan Shener

Schöner MonthsAidan Shener

Who hasn’t watched the famous Turkish TV series «Goldcrest — bird singing»? Remember the role of Frida? It played beautiful Aidan Shener. In the 19th century, the ancestors of the great actress emigrated from Kazan to Sunny Turkey, saving his faith from the General Christianization of the peoples. Aidan loves its roots, and twice on a friendly visit arrived in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Venera Gimadieva

Venera GimadievaVenera Gimadieva

The soloist of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia was born on 28 may 1984 in the beautiful city of Kazan. She received two music venues – the Kazan music College and Conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov in St. Petersburg. After that Venus was invited to participate in the training programme of the youth Opera program, where she was noticed by the representatives of the Bolshoi Theatre and called to speak to him. At the moment, Venus is the most promising soprano in the world. Singing in theatres throughout Europe, and the leading Newspapers of the world is attributed to her great future.

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