The most beautiful Russian Actresses

Each person has their own standards of beauty. The same woman, according to different men, can be as attractive and real beauty. And if to consider Russian Actresses, that simply can not exist such thing as «the most ugly actress of Russia», a photo of which confirms that all Slavic women are touching, sweet, tender, charming and attractive.

Beauty Russian Actresses of the modern age

Despite the fact that each year is different ratings of female beauty, to create a truly objective list, which will include the most beautiful Russian actress is simply impossible. Probably the first place in the beauty of each viewer will put a completely different Actresses who are attracted by its beauty. We offer you such a rating:

1)Elena Korikova

This is truly the most beautiful actress who deservedly received many honours in film. I remember the audience in the role of Anna in «Poor Nastya», but played a huge number of roles in the theatre and in the movie).

Elena Korikova

2)Agnia Ditkovskite

Agnes chose a creative profession, like parents, because her father is the Director of A. Ditkovsky, and my mother is an actress So lutaeva. Played in the movie «Heat» (with her husband A. Chadov), «Trainspotting». Mother and daughter – the most beautiful Russian Actresses, who are quite popular on the screen.

Agnia Ditkovskite

3)Olga Fadeeva

Featuring great talent and special appeal, Olga in the childhood thought that I would become a ballerina. However, fate brought her to theatre school. Olga played one of the main roles in «Soldiers», and also starred in «Gypsy».

Olga Fadeeva

4)Marina Aleksandrova (Papanina)

Since childhood, Marina has a love of music. But preferred the stage. Facial features and perfect figure of the actress are the envy of even models. Nice to see such a beauty who has a wonderful acting talent.

Marina Aleksandrova

5)Yekaterina Guseva

Sensational role Guseva, the role of the beloved Sasha White from «Brigades». The actress Catherine leaned more of a recommendation, but not on their own. Despite this, she is a wonderful actress who charms you with its tenderness and poignancy.

Ekaterina Guseva

6)Anna Gorshkova

Beautiful model and beautiful actress Anna recognized the most beautiful Russian Actresses. Gorshkov first went to College and trained as a Manager. And after he graduated from acting school.

Gunn Gorshkov

7)Julia Snigir

To know Yulia began after she starred in the music video of «Animals». She then starred in the film, and is also a successful TV presenter and model.

Yuliya Snigir

8)Anastasia Mikulchina

The actress plays at the theater and acted in films. He played a major role in the series «Sonka the gold Handle».

Anastasia Mikulchina

9)Elizaveta Boyarskaya

The daughter of a famous singer from childhood was surrounded by creative atmosphere. Today it is possible to see in the cinema and in the theatre. The actress has become a real «highlight» in the «Admiral», playing the role of the beloved Kolchak.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

10)Kristina Asmus

This delicate girl all know of the role of Varya from «Interns». Despite the fact that she is a naive simpleton, in 2010. it was recognized as the sexiest woman of Russia.

Christina Asmus

The beauty of the Actresses of the Soviet era

You can make just a huge list of the most beautiful women of the last century. But we again invite the top ten Actresses that have always attracted special attention.

1)Irina Alferova

In the most beautiful Soviet actress, without a doubt, you can write Irina Alferov, who was born in 1951. Main roles: Elena – «Ermak», Daria – «the ordeal», Constance «d’artagnan and the 3 Musketeers.»

Irina Alferova

2)Elina Bystritskaya

Actress with Jewish roots, was born in 1928. Starred in «the Quiet Don», «the Unfinished novel».

Elina Bystritskaya

3)Lyudmila Chursina

Was born in 1941. Played in «don story», «Love Yarovaya», «Year like life».

Lyudmila Chursina

4)Anastasia Vertinskaya

Was born in 1944. Her first debut movie was in 1961. She played roles in «the Man Amphibian» and «Scarlet sails».

Anastasia Vertinskaya

5)Natalya Varley

Dark-haired beauty who was born in 1947, played a role in «the Caucasian captive», «Wii», «12 chairs», «Old letters».

Natalya Varley

6)Svetlana Toma (Fomichev)

Was born in 1947. The audience, primarily remembered in movies for the performances of Gypsy.

Svetlana Toma

7)Natalya Fateeva

The most beautiful actress of the USSR can be recorded and Fateev, who was born in 1943. Starred in «Three plus two», «Anna Pavlova», «Gentlemen of fortune».

Natalya Fateeva

8)Anna Samokhina

Was born in 1963. It can be seen in the «Thieves in law», «Prisoner of If castle».

Anna Samokhina

9)Natalia Kustinskaya

Most often, this actress who was born in 1938, found similar to Brigitte Bardot. Played in «Three plus two», «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation».

Natalia Kustinskaya

10)Tatiana Lutaeva

Was born in 1965. Starred in «the Midshipman», «Black square». Is a mother the best actress Agnes Ditkovskite.

Tatiana Lutaeva

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