The most beautiful rose in the world

Flowers occupy a special place in our lives – we admire them in parks and gardens, bred at home on the windowsill, we buy in flower shops to do something nice for a loved one. Probably the first place in the ranking of the flowers is a rose. These chic flowers with a pleasant, familiar scent, one of the most sold in the world. Bouquet of roses is suitable for any congratulations and will be a pleasant surprise in any occasion. And what are the most beautiful roses in the world and how much it will cost a bunch of rare varieties of roses?

Bouquet s of the free

Rose de Resht

One of the leaders of the rating — grade Portland rose, rose de Resht. The flowers have a pronounced aroma, and the Bush blooms several times a year. All – the name of the Iranian city where, supposedly, and got this grade in Europe. The first mention of these roses belong to the 17th century, and despite such a rich historical past, this brand is particularly popular among gardeners and among ordinary lovers of flowers.

Rose de Resht

The bushes of these roses can grow in partial shade and do not require very high temperatures. Double, deep red flowers have a spherical shape and provided timely trimming of the buds that bloomed, produced new buds.

Rose Dijon

This beauty, which grows in the tropics, it blooms almost all year round and pleases the eye with lovely Cup-shaped Bud. This rose wavy, large petals light coffee color and unforgettable aroma of a stable. In the place of fallen buds in a short time there are new flowers. This rose is not recommended to trim very low, but only to cut the tops for heavy bloom. This variety is quite thermophilic and survives poorly in cold climates.

Rose Dijon

Hybrid variety of Gallica

This French rose was known in the mid-15th century, but the particular distribution among the growers received in the 17th century. Brought this variety to France from Asia Minor and the Middle East and was initially bred for the petals in the pharmaceutical purposes. From the early 18th century there were many varieties of this sort, in which every breeder has added something different and special. It is the sort of Gallica was the progenitor of the famous damask rose.

Hybrid variety of Gallica

In the mid-18th century there were more than 1000 varieties developed on the basis of roses imported from the Middle East. The bushes reach five feet in height, but since this variety blooms only once a year, he was soon ousted by the roses with continuous flowering. Rose has an intense, pleasant fragrance and the color varies from red to pink to purple hue, there are also striped flowers.

Rainbow roses

This variety that accommodates all colors of the rainbow, was bred by weirdo from the Netherlands. The Dutch are generally very creative when it comes to breeding new varieties in different colors. Why are only black Dutch tulips. This experiment began in 2004, when Peter van der Werken came the idea to create a colorful Bud. To the stem of the rose through which supplied moisture for the development of the flower, was summed tubes with colored liquid. Such tubes there are several, and each was painted petals their color when nutrient fluid is absorbed by the flower.

Rainbow rose

This work was very thin, almost jewelry, but this experiment was of white roses you could make a color miracle. Despite the high cost of one flower ($10), with the bouquets of these roses queues.

Eden Rose

These roses are reminiscent of old varieties, rightfully wear the title of most beautiful roses in the world. Bred by our contemporaries for the Mediterranean humid and warm climate, she does not have time until the end of the bloom at lower temperatures. Bushes of average height studded with heavy fluffy buds, under which weight the branches down almost to the ground.

Eden Rose

The buds of these roses are ivory with pink trim. This variety is also called the name of the French poet Pierre de Ronsard for their unique charm and personality. The cost of this pleasure is about $ 20 for a single flower.

Sweet Juliet

It is the brainchild of an Englishman named David Austin, on which he spent about 15 years of my life. This breeder can be attributed to such a rare type of people who are passionate about their work and are not accustomed to retreat before difficulties.

The World Juliette Rose

In 2006, the British exhibition of roses he introduced the world to his creation, which immediately won the hearts of all lovers of these elegant flowers. The buds of this variety gentle apricot color and one flower will have to pay not less than $ 25.


Breeders spend a lot of effort and energy before you can create a masterpiece that is truly worthy of admiration. It is to such varieties include roses Ruffles. They have unusual wavy shape of the petals and the color range from pale apricot to terracotta shade. The most beautiful rose is said about this variety.

Rose Ruffles

Delicate flavor and unusual shape Bud flowers distinguishes these from many other varieties. It should be noted that the feast of all lovers of roses occupy the first place in sales (about 3 000 000 flowers).

Rose «Polka»

This variety is perfect for romantic gifts. Rich apricot colour and wavy petals of each Bud look very original. These flowers growing in clusters of 4 – 5 pieces and have a delicate, intoxicating aroma.

Rose Polka

Roses «Clematis Rose»

Roses creamy with a view very reminiscent of the flower clematis, and therefore got this name. Any similarity with other colors, breeders considered a great success and takes more than a year of hard work.


Japanese rose – chameleon

Ranked the most beautiful roses, it is impossible to ignore this original variety is grown in Japan. Characteristic of these roses is that the petals change color depending on the time of day. In daylight they are bright red, and in the evening turns milky white.

Rose Chameleon

It should also be noted that the Japanese were the first to develop a blue rose, while spending about 20 years and calling this sort of «Applause»

Rose Pleski

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