The most beautiful planet

the universe

The universe is a huge space that it’s hard it’s hard to imagine. At the moment it is considered to be vast, so it is not possible at least approximately to define its borders. However, thanks to technological advances, we have a unique opportunity to observe celestial objects not only the Solar system but also other systems and galaxies.

The greatest interest of the planet, because each of them can be a life similar to the one that appeared on earth. Because interplanetary travel is impossible today, enjoy neighboring planets from afar. They both like each other and at the same time have their special aura. Is it possible to determine which of the planets is the most beautiful? What characteristics are guided by those who determine the appeal of these celestial bodies. read About it below.

Earth is the most beautiful and native

earth from space

Astronauts even left earth orbit, all as one, claim that the most beautiful planet is our Earth. From space it is a truly fascinating picture. The combination of vast oceans and green continents makes our planet very colorful.

The palm of the most beautiful planets, the Earth receives and by the fact that she was on her surface life develops. And it is widespread virtually everywhere in the bottomless depths of the ocean, and the harsh ice of Antarctica. Unfortunately, the existence of species on other planets is questionable. Although, given the climatic conditions of each of the planets of the Solar system, they are likely devoid of life in all its manifestations.


Land is not only beautiful, but also unique planet. The presence of the atmosphere and water, as well as temperature create ideal conditions for life and development of all creatures. Flora and fauna represented in this diversity that scientists are still open and present the new species. But the crown of creation of nature is a person. Human civilization is a unique product of evolutionary mechanisms and a favorable climate, which, according to today’s data, has no analogues in the Universe.

The Mysterious Saturn


Many people consider the most beautiful planet Saturn. A special attraction of this celestial body provides it is not quite the traditional appearance. The fact that all the planets are circular, rather geoid and Saturn, there are also additional elements, known as «rings of Saturn». These formations represent the remains of a large circumplanetary cloud. They have a flat shape in the interaction of the two antagonists: the centrifugal force and gravity. These rings around Saturn, but the surface of the Earth we can see only a few the largest.

the rings of Saturn

Through the rings of Saturn looks unusual and very much stands out from other planets in the Solar system. This feature gives the right to consider him one of the most beautiful planets. In addition, there are a few interesting facts that support the singularity of Saturn:

  • This planet has no solid surface, it is composed entirely of gas.
  • On Saturn, the life can not exist, but some of his followers may not be entirely suitable for that they are born of living beings.
  • When the rings of Saturn the astronomers first saw, I thought that they represent the satellites of the planets.
  • Saturn is one of those rare planets that can be seen from Earth without a telescope.

Neptune: the ice handsome


The planet called Neptune was discovered in the late 19th century. Before Galileo discovered it, but he was considered Neptune to the stars.Scientists believe this planet composed mostly of ice is not only beautiful but also one of the most mysterious. In particular, great interest is the wind and storms of immense power (up to 2000 km/h), which managed to capture on its surface. Their exact cause, and failed to install.

the planet Neptune

Another puzzle is Neptune its beautiful blue color. Thanks to this colour this planet is often called the most beautiful. Due to the fact that Neptune is very far from Earth, to find out what gives it the color that failed. There is speculation that this effect creates an unknown substance, which contains in abundance on the surface of this planet. Anyway, the «blue giant» continues to fascinate and generate all new puzzles and questions.

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