The most beautiful places on the planet

There are a lot of places, once people understand how wonderful our world is. It is here everyone is approved in thoughts that living is not in vain. Honestly and objectively assess whether one place is better than another will not work, no one — most importantly, what your soul will thrill at the sight of this beauty.

Coyote Butts

This world famous canyon is located on the Colorado plateau (Arizona). The wind and the sun turned its slopes into a fancy striped waves that change their colors throughout the day. Red, orange, yellow and brown — they smoothly flow into each other and resemble an incredible alien landscape. Sand dunes (with a high content of calcium and iron rocks), compacted by rain and wind, attract an incredible number of tourists. But the visiting rules are very strict — no more than 20 people a day so as not to destroy the fragile beauty of the lines. So in the queue to visit the people recorded for the years ahead. And 10 percent of tickets are raffled in the lottery, which is held monthly for several months before the intended date of visit.


Plitvicki national Park

In Croatia this national Park is considered one of the most popular places. At first they were called «the Devil’s orchard» because it was believed that only he could create such beauty. 5 rivers, descending to the Adriatic coast, the road formed 16 large and many small lakes, 140 waterfalls cascades, as well as two dozen caves. The color of the water in each reservoir and depends on the content of the rock, which is a lake. The Croatian government shall maintain the status of «the most beautiful place on earth» — everywhere Hiking trails, runs several ships, held lighting and illumination.


The Uyuni Salt Flats

After the rains at the salt marsh (located in Bolivia) produced a mirror effect due to the connection of salt with water. Photographers from all over the world strive to get here, to get incredible surreal images. On the shore even built a hotel of salt blocks for those tourists who decide to stay here for a while.


Melissani Lake

Greece is a unique geological formation — a cave with a lake at the bottom, which were formed by dissolution of rock. Inside the karst cave is about 4 thousand years ago after the earthquake occurred the incredible beauty of the lake. Its turquoise water combined with emerald greens create an incredible fabulous scenery. No wonder the ancient Greeks this was the place believed to be the dwelling place of the nymphs. And the color of the lake changes depending on the position of the sun in the sky.


Ice wave

Only in Antarctica, you can observe this unique phenomenon of nature, like a frozen wave, which is quite similar with the usual icebergs. They were formed over many years, changing the form of white blocks in blue glass. The sunlight transparent pieces resemble frozen waves magically frozen at a temperature of minus 50 degrees.


The most beautiful places on the planet, probably created in order to remind people how lucky we are to be born in this best of all possible worlds.

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