The most beautiful places of Russia

In Russia there are places that can surprise and amaze with the beauty of even the most inveterate traveler. Perhaps this article will encourage you to think where to spend your next vacation. Not only abroad you can relax.

Ivolginsky datsan, Buryatia


This place is worth seeing in person. This place is the center of Buddhism, which came to Russia in XVII century. Before revolution in Russia was 35 temples. But came to power the Bolsheviks considered religion «the opium».

The history of the emergence of the Ivolginsky datsan is instructive. Any local resident will tell you that this temple they presented to Stalin. When the war had just begun, the situation at the front was disastrous. Buryat Buddhists began to collect the money. Managed to collect fabulous for those times the sum — 350 thousand roubles. In gratitude for this valuable gift, the Soviet leadership allowed the faithful to build the temple.

Not only the colourfulness and unique design Ivolginsky datsan was in an article about the most beautiful places of Russia. A plot of land on which the monastery has amazing energy.

Lena pillars, Yakutia


Among the most beautiful places in Russia are the Lena pillars. This is the amazing beauty of the rock formations. Their height is about 100 meters, you can see them on the banks of the Lena river, in the heart of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The area of this plot of 1 272 thousand hectares. Each pole is separated from the adjacent deep and steep ravines, in which the accumulated frosted fragments of rock. Here still it is possible to detect the remains of creatures that lived in the Cambrian period.

Stone forest, as it is called, originated more than 500 million years ago. When water Elena calm, mirrored surface reflected the majestic stone pillars, which was seen by many. Since ancient times, this place was sacred for the local people — the Yakuts and the Evenks. In order to get to this amazing place, have to swim to the boat. But it’s worth it — imbued with the spirit of greatness and power.

The Valley Of Geysers, Kamchatka

The valley of geysers

The only in Eurasia, a concentration of geysers. In the world — one of the largest. Despite the fact that the Valley had to go through an environmental catastrophe, in which a half of all geysers were buried.

In 2008 the Valley of geysers was one of the seven Wonders of Russia. Unfortunately, to personally see the spectacle, have to go the hard way. Only a few thousand people a year visit these places. Despite the fact that in 2007 and later in 2014, there were landslides, the Valley is still alive and is of keen interest for research and tourists. Only here there are about 40 geysers.

Orda cave, Perm Krai


Ordinskaya cave continues our list of the most beautiful places of Russia. This underwater gypsum cave located in the Perm region, on the left Bank of the river Kungur. The existence of the cave has long been known, but a careful study has begun in 90-ies of the last century.

Regularly it attracts lovers of cave diving. The entrance hole is a sinkhole, with dimensions of 5×2 meters. For convenience, there is a staircase and electricity.

The total length of the surveyed passages of the cave is 4 km 600 m, of which only 300 metres are above water, all the rest is underwater space. By the way, as the cave is still not fully explored, maybe we should make a new discovery?

Lake kezenoi am, Chechnya

Kezenoi am

A large lake is located high in the mountains, formed as a result of the earthquake. Imagine endless green carpet covering the mountains and rocks, and in the centre of the quiet expanse of the blue lake. Scientists determined that the lake, and even the air around him, to have medicinal properties.

This is the place where you can find the bow of Apollo and asanoski to catch a species of trout, considered a landmark of the entire Caucasus, not just Chechnya. Kezenoi Am – the largest lake in the hills, located at an altitude of 1870 m above sea level. Its size is 2 km from North to South, and 2, 7 km – from West to East.

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